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[keratin collagen]Original title○☆•: Online processing, non-menstruation, motor vehicle traffic violation business officially opened the Beijing News News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) reporter learned from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau Open. The vehicle driver can handle a fine of a fine of 200 yuan and below▪▷▷, and the cumulative score is less than 12 points. Single illegal penalty is not more than 200 yuan◇=-, the cumulative score is less than 12 points online handling illegal record Beijing Traffic Management Department said, relying on the Ministry of Public Security Internet Traffic Management Integrated Service Platform, now officially opened the driver and non-menacked motor vehicle self-help binding business Driver▽▲◆, all people of the vehicle can log in to the “traffic control 12123▲•” mobile app, by filling out the information, uploading photos■★, verifying the pho▲▪▪.

Original title▼◁: Business unit workers pay attention! Your preparation, treatment and promotion have a new change About Us.! “Improve the organizers wage and the subsidy system, tilting the hard area▪▪□▼, special position.” 2018 “Government Work Report◆◇▽•” sent a big red envelope for the employee of the institution. Workers (ID: Grrbwx) Discovery, many areas are actively implementing the requirements in the report. In addition★△●=, the institutions have been prepared or coordinated in the province and pensions. Good news about the reform of the institutions, the employees of the future business unit will harvest full gelatin from bovine skin soy peptone extract what type of collagen is in bovine hide collagen peptides collagen fish peptide! The institutions of the organization will be proposed in the 2018 Government Work Report•▪●, and the future will improve the organs of the organization and the maintenance system in the futur?

Original title: Contaminate the weather repeated, can the blue sky continue■••☆? Ministry of Environmental Protection Respect League Chang Anjun (ID: Changan-J): Today, 8:45 this morning, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Central Metacity, invited deputy director of the Ministry of Environment, Huang Runqiu Waiting for 5 National Political Consultative Conference on the △◁★”Improvement of Guarantee and Improvement of Minsheng△☆★…” to answer reporters. When answering Beijing and other places have repeated, whether the blue sky can continue◁△○, Huang Runqiu said that the first phase of the first phase of the atmosphere is fully realized▲▷•★, but the current atmospheric pollution governance situation is still in the weight-bearing climbing stage▼…, the next atmospheric pollution The key to the governance is adjusted and optimized in three structures. Q•▪◇: Significant results in our atmospheric pollution governance last year. Recent?