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[protein energy drink industry report]Zhang Shaochun, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Finance, is suspected of serious violations of law and discipline■•, is currently accepting discipline review and monitoring of the central discipline committee. Zhang Shaochun, male, Han nationality, February 1958, Liaoning Wonderful, January 1978, January 2008••◆, in August 1975, Participate in the work, graduate from the financial professional of Northeast University of Finance and Economics▲▷□, graduated from the Ph.D. in Economics. From 1988 to 1989◇▪◁, he served as deputy director of the Office of the Ministry of Finance△•, from 1989 to 1994…▽■▲, deputy director of the Office of the Office of the Ministry of Finance, Director of News and Publication, and 1994 to 1998 Deputy Director of the General Office, Secretary of the Director, from 1998 to September 2003▽▽, respectively, the Ministry of Finance□☆, Director of the UNES!

Original title■□▲: (Time administration) The first plenary meeting of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law•-, the first plenary meeting, pointed out the law of weapons, pollution, China, Beijing, May 7 (Reporter Chen Fei) Central Committee The Standing Committee of the Bureau△○•, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Committee presided over the 7th, the first plenary meeting of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law Enforcement Inspection Team. He emphasized that we must adhere to the guidance of Chinas characteristic socialism in Xi Jinping, and solidly do a good job in the law enforcement inspection of air pollution prevention and control●◁. According to law, it will resolve the problem of atmospheric pollution, and pollute the legal weapons. Ensure that the Decision-making deployment of the party central part of Xi Jinping as the core of ecological civilization is fully implemented. The lady war book says that the 13th Nation!

Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs■★▷☆: China does not want to hit trade war to persuade beauty, there is no need to collide with the South Wall again▽☆-■. Today (30th) Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Zhan hosted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Q★=-☆: According to reports, the US Ambassador to China Brandad has recently accepted the media interview that China should not restrict the import of soybeans from the United States☆▲◁●. What is Chinas comment? A: I know that Bransad Ambassador is from the US important agriculture. He cares about the interests of American agricultural industries that can be fully understood◁…■. In fact, we have also seen recently. The United States is not only the agricultural industry, which is not only the agricultural product industry due to worrying that the US governments unilateral measures have led to the deterioration of China and the United States•-. As for the Chinese side, it should take a large bean as a counter-field. I think everyone must know, that is, trade and trade wa-★△◇!

Original title◁●◁: The worlds eyes focus on Chinas two sessions (Wanghai Tower) National CPPCC 13th a meeting and the 13th National Peoples Congress will open on March 3 and March 5 respectively. At present☆▽○, more than 3,000 Chinese and foreign journalists have signed up for two sessions of the country, including more than 2,000 reporters in the territory, more than 1,000 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reporters and foreign reporters○▷●. The two will once again become a great window of the world to observe China. “China is strong★★…-” is a core issue that countries pay attention to China. In 2018, the 10th anniversary of the international financial crisis broke out, the world economy is warm and the risk is still existed▷=, and the recovery is fragile and lacks sustainability●•. Chinas contribution rate for world economic growth is more than 30%. On the eve of the two sessions, the State Council announced the implementation of the 2017 “Government Work Report▼□★□” quantitative indicator ta gelatin adhesive!

China Xinwang, May 28 (Reporter Li Pure) The “veteran of the veteran□▪◁☆” of the veterans will always go to the party, let the retired soldiers become the whole society “The theme speech contest is held in Beijing on the 28th. 10 players from the country demonstrated the style one by one. The Director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and deputy director of the Ministry of Detailed military Affairs attended the event, the relevant departments of the Central and State Organs, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of Drops of the Decoupless Military Affairs (Division), and the relevant personnel of the relevant units▪○◁▽. The theme speech competition is ●■◆•”veteran forever with the party” – the important part of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, aimed at speech conte raw whey protein industrial…= Contacts. industrial poultry rendering machine for protein powder is jello a solution!