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About Us![guidance for industry immunogenicity assessment for therapeutic protein]Original title: Liaoning Maritime Safety Sales Warning Since 13th, the Implementation of Military Tasks in the North of Huanghai Overseas Network May 12 The Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning in the official website, and May 13th to May 18th, 12 oclock Executive military tasks in the north of Huanghai. The specific address is: 1. 38 ° 52.0 N 122 ° 14○◁==.0E2. 38 ° 52.0 N 122 ° 45.0E3. 38 ° 08.0 N 122 ° 45.0E4. 38 ° 08.0 N 122 ° 14.0e interpretation of military tasks, prohibiting the input. Editor in charge…=: Huo ?

Original title▪☆▽: exciting! China has won another heavy machine▷=■, “God into the sea” is no problem plant protein industry value◇…! In the past five years, Chinas scientific and technological progress has risen from 52.2% from 2012 to 57.5%•☆▷□, and the national innovation capacity is ranked 17th from Jose 20 to 17th. Blue Whale No. 1, Tianyue, big plane◁☆, domestic aircraft carrier•☆, a big country weighing▷■, making the Chinese pride◁▼▽▽, the world is amazed◆●•. Be behind these attractive achievements, there is no unique advantage in Chinas concentrated power. Mechanism, talent, finance, like a finely woven neural network and blood vessels, constantly nourishing Chinas steel bone, which is another heavy device for manufacturing heavy tools – Chinas unique system fertile soil□▽, Zhenghui get the most lasting ☆■, The deepest innovation force○•◆. Looking at the big country weighing – blue wha.

Original title◇◆: The PLA and Armed Police Force delegation held a second plenary conference attending the 13th National Peoples Congress a meeting today held a second plenary meeting today-☆. Members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xu Qixiang attended the meeting▽★•□, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee•=●, and Vice President of the Central Military Commission. The 15 representatives surrounded the road of strong military in China●☆, and fully deepened the reform of defense and military reforms▷■▷, and vigorously promoted the training of training preparations. At the meeting, the representative of the Western Warcorn Commander Zhao Zongyi made recommendations for innovative military management…▼. The deputy commander of the Western Affairs District and the Western Water Military Commanders warfare representatives recommended to strengthen military struggle preparation and improve the war ability▷★…▼. Li Xiubao, president of the PLA=●▼, Li Xiubao, talked about the improvement of the civilian policy syste apple pectin glycerinated gelatin 300 bloom gelatin powder!

Original title△○○: China “Ocean Garbage” ban implements the month of US waste, Chengshan officials, requested to revoke September 9••▽, 2011, in the Jiaojiang Port of Taizhou▷△…, Zhejiang Province, and a worker keeps the hill-like “foreign garbage”. Image Source: Visual China○▪△, in July last year, the Chinese government announced that in order to solve domestic pollution problems◇=, it will ban 24 “foreign garbage” from foreign countries since January 2018▷•▼. At the 23rd, at the 23rd, at Geneva, the US representative requested China to cancel this ban. “We demand that China immediately stops implementing and modifying these measures◇◇▪, complying with global waste trade standards▷■◇▼, which is transparent, commodity recycling trade○▼=, which is conducive to the environment▷▪-, provides a global framework .★◇.. Chinas import restrictions on recyclable goods lead to global was?