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Pure collagen.[bulk gelatin]Original title: (two conferences) Lian Yuming Committee•□□: It is recommended to accelerate Beijing New Airport to explore China (Xiongan) Self Trading Hong Kong Construction Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 6th (Reporter Wu Menda, Ding Xiaoxi) Government Work Report, In proposing Beijing Non-Capital Function, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation•■, high starting point planning-☆△▼, high standard construction and high standard construction. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference○●, the Dean of the Beijing International City Development Research Institute, Hai Yuming suggested that the construction of Xiongan New District is an opportunity to rely on Beijing New Airport, China (China) Free Trade Area, China (Xiongan) Free Trade Port. Lian Yuming believes that the Xiongan New District and the “Two Wings■☆” of Beijing City Deputy Center have enriched sectors covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei parts. Relying on the Beijing New Airport Negotiation Economic Zone○=◆, Unicom Tianjin Trade Zone and Xiongan New District Innovation Development Demonstration Zo▪▪=■.

China New Network May 27th, the spokesperson Zhu Fenglian replied in question on the 27th•□▲•, said that in the vaccine problem=☆•, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party has been setting obstacles. Today●★•▪, the epidemic in the island spread=●◁, the people looked forward to the vaccine, but the Ministry of Public Advanced Party was still in the political bonus, and continued to trample in the life and health well-being of the island in his political private interest. Asked by the reporter, the leader of the DPP and the leaders of the DPD claim, because the mainland intervention has not been able to sign a vaccine with the German BNT original△◆▼. What comments do you have? Zhu Fenglian said that the so-called continent has hindered the BNT vaccine sales station▷○…, which is completely unsuccessful■-◇▷. The lie of the leaders of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is once again exposed the.

In 2018-▼, the Asian Forum Conference will be held in Boao Town, Hainan Qionghai City, and in order to reduce the air quality pollution, improve air quality. According to Hainan Provincial Peoples Government Office, the Office of the Peoples Government issued in 2018 The Notice of the Conference Hainan Province Environmental Air Quality Assurance Program ★●▽▪”and the Office of the Sanya Municipal Peoples Government◁◆” Notice on Printing on the Environmental Air Quality Assurance Program of Sanya City during the 2018 Bo Insisprunches▲■, according to relevant laws, regulations, Sanya will be within the city Forbidden measures to some motor vehicles. The relevant matters are as follows▪◆: 1. Forbidden time, measures (1) At 0:00 to 11:00, 2018▲▼•▷, it is strictly forbidden to transport earth-oriented or slag, concrete tanks and other transport vehicles and high pollution emissions▪▪. Wa.

Original title◇=•●: The spokesperson of the Environment responded to the air quality of Beijing in March□☆▪▲: God does not help people must work hard to cover the news reporter Apruce April 19th, the ecological environmental spokesperson Liu Youbin responded this years March air quality decline It is said that the meteorological conditions in Beijing are very unfavorable in March, and the atmospheric pollution diffusion conditions are the worst in the same history of 6 years. Recently, the Ecological Environment has released the main area of ​​March 2018 and 74 urban air quality conditions……. The data shows that the ratio of excellent days in Beijing has been 46.7%, down 14.6 percentage points year-on-year◇☆. The PM2.5 concentration was 88 micrograms / cubic meters, up 39.7% year-on-year. ●▷▪”Atmospheric pollution prevention is both a battle, it is also a long-lasting battle.” Liu Youbin said△★○=, although atmospheric pollution prevention and treatme.