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Gelatin wholesale.[swanson chicken collagen type ii]Original title: Hefei Power Group Co●•., Ltd. Former Chairman, General Manager, Party Secretary Wang Changyue accepts organizational review and monitoring investigates the original chairman of Hefei Power Group Co., Ltd★▽■., General Manager, Party Secretary Wang Changyue is suspected of serious violation of law and discipline○……▲, currently accepting organization review and Supervision survey. Wang Changyue resume: Wang Changyue, male, Hui national◆■, born in November 1958, Hefei City, in September 1977, participated in the work in December 1985, Join the Communist Party of China◇☆. He has served as the head of the company, the head of the head of the company, the deputy secretary of the group committee△▼, the manager of the Minsheng Trading Company◇◁, the Director of the Office▲▽•▷, Hefei Shui Corporation Commission for Discipline Inspection, Deputy General Manager of Hefei Water Supply Group, Party Committee, General Manager of Hefei Water Supply Group, Party Committee▽◁●, Party Committee, Party Committee, Party Committee, General Manager of Hefei Water Supply Group Co., Ltd.▼◇, deputy secretary of the party committe.

China New Network reported on the US “World Daily” report, recently, a shooting case in Auckland, the United States, and the clerk of a Chinese barber shop near the case is the case, and nearby merchant business is affected. At 2●◆▪:12 pm on the 24th◇◆, a deadly shooting occurred in a street area of ​​Oakland Huayun 8th Street■◇☆▪, a street of the police station, and a chase of Huayun Community. Several suspects carry high-power to blessing a gun, shooting twenty-two bombs to a car crazy. The victims of the car, the 22-year-old San Francisco■□◁▼, a Christopher Cawthorne. The murderer drif.

Original title◆★: Swimming player fooled the Chinese athlete apologized twice, South Korea: Do not accept Korean still conduct complaints to the Olympic Council, requiring punishment for Chinese athletes. Asian swimsuit will mediate. China and South Korea Swimmers took a small friction when training in Jakarta Asian Games on the 23rd□▼. At the 24th, the Korean Asian Games delegation stated in the press conference that decided to protest to the Asian Olympic Council (OCA), requiring investigating Chinese swimming players “playing”. Xinhua News Agency reported on the 24th that the Asian swimsuit will sit down to mediate this matter. HUONOTO invotted the Korean delegation on the 24th, the Korean female athlete Jin Haijin (the ring rings received the previous report as Jin Huizhen (sound)) and a female player in China in the same lane training, Jin Haijins foot “contact” to China The chest of the player, then Chi.

Foshan Zincheng District launched a nucleic acid detection of the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic control headquarters in Foshan Zen District released the announcement, Chancheng is scheduled to live in the whole district at 12 oclock in the afternoon of May 28th-▷★•. Carry out all kinds of nucleic acid detection. The district will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control management measures, and the community (hunting committee) is the main set of nucleic acid detection points. The new crown vaccine (including the first needle or second needle) has been vaccinated within 24 hours●◇, which is not included in this nucleic acid detection. On May 27th, the Chancheng District found 1 case of new crown virus as symptomatic infection in the close contact person in Guangzhous invisible infection. (Reporter Xu Hongyi) [Editor: Su Yiy-△=◇.