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[industrial protein for antibiotics]Original title●-: National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Harvesting National Park Authority□○▷, will bring historical changes to the national park management bureau brand in the National Forestry and Grassland, and incorporate natural protection into unified management, establish national park as the main body The natural protection system, this major measures will have a deep historic change in the field of nature protection. This is a major decision-making that is the highly decision of the “Comrade Xi Jinpings●••” Party Central Committee “, the highly developed ecological civilization construction, will have a profound impact on Chinas natural protection and even beautiful China. This reform, from time dimensions▷▼●, the natural protection movement directly enters version 2○=.0 in the new era of ecological civilization△-; from space dimension▪▷, all natural protection is included in unified management, will solve the problem of protecting space planning over▲■▪.

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 27th (Yuan Chao) reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Fire Rescue Corps on the 27th that 21:13 March 2021, the fire, direct cause of the fire, direct cause At the 2nd floor■▷, the “Qing Yun” private room is above the junction of the inner corridor, and the cable in the cable tank cartridge is electrically causing an electrical line failure to ignition around the flammable. On the evening of March 14□●○, Guiyang City Fire Rescue Detachment Command Center received a warning of the Ark scene of Yunyan District, Guiyang City◆-▼○, and the detachment immediately adjusted 7 fire rescue stations, 24 fire trips, 111 fighters rushed to the scene to save After more than 100 firefighting warpersons struggled▲☆, 22:.

Original title: Chinas iron rail business successfully entered the Bangladesh market recently○●, China Iron Library Co., Ltd★○. (referred to as Rail Group) successfully won the Bangladeshi railway project, providing railway lines such as railway lines such as railway lines. Quality of railway lines. Supervision○◇, supply△▼, logistics services■■○, etc▷=•. comprehensive services▲○. The winning bid is another business outcome after Chinas iron in South Asia Raise the Orange Line Project of Pakistana Rail. The Bangladesh Railway project of the winning bid is a single-rail distance from the railway. The starting point is Dhaka. The end point is Narajan Ganjie▽□▽=. The project covers the two-track roadbed from the existing rice rail line. The bridge, flat crossover and supplement The railway construction, the railway is 17.05 kilometers long. After the project is completed, it will further improve the railway transportation conditions of Banglades.

Original title△=■: The CPPCC member was ●=○”underwater▷□△●” to fight! Source: Dahuai News WeChat public account today (March 15) Evening, the annual CCTV 3•◆◁▷.15 party will meet with the national audience again. On the occasion of the two sessions, =•△•”fake•…▷” is also a proposal theme of many representatives and members. Director of the Dongfang Kunlun Law Firm□★◆◁, Guangdong, Zhu Zhengfu▽▷, Vice President of the China National Lawyers Association, for three consecutive years☆■★, for three consecutive▽◇•, for “counterfeiting”▽▪△▪, but also two proposals. It revealed that he hides his identity for some time, a unannounced visit to a permutical city, and witnessed a fake package “International Trade.” The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Zhu Zhengfu made a holiday on March 6 in a consecutive year, and a meeting of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC discussed the governments work. National Committee, Chinese National L. colloids gelatin peptone for bacterial cultureGelatin wholesale.

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