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Pure collagen,[collagen vitamins]Original title…▪: China Construction Bank Shandong Branch Forwarded Party Secretary○-●●, President Xue Feng was expelled from party activities and administration to discipline according to China Construction Bank Commission for Discipline Inspection▼▽…●: Recently, the China Construction Bank Commission for Discipline Inspection is the original Branch of China Construction Bank Shandong Branch The party committee secretary★◇○□, and the leader Xue Feng seriously violated the issue. After investigation, Xue Feng seriously violated political discipline▼□, fighting against organizational review, participating in superstition•☆; violation of the central provisions of the central provisions=◁, violating organizational banquet; violation of organizational discipline▷…■▽, not as good as a personal entity▼◇…•, not as good as organized, illegal intervention cadres selection Appointment work; violation of integrity discipline, use of power and job impact as relatives and other specific relations, accept gifts, gift gifts; violation of work discipline, do not report to the matters report to the superior report◆■==, resulti.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Zhou Qiang○◆■: In the past five years, the comprehensive verification of the prisoners will be issued to the supervision of the supervision of the supervisor to implement 6470 people Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei Jia Shizhen) March 9th◇=•, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the highest Zhou Qiang, Dean of the Peoples Court, pointed out in the Work Report, in the past five years=◁, the highest law has a comprehensive verification of the implementation of criminals in foreign countries☆▪, decided to admit 6,470 people▪▷, and never allow anyone to enjoy legal privileges, never allow for anyone Fraihoon. Zhou Qiang also mentioned that the highest law formulates the judicial interpretation of the trial of the commutation and the case of the case, and the relevant departments have completed a unified commissioning hob information handling platform-•□▷, publicly publicly impacted relevant cases, allowing “dark box operation▼▲◆” without space. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▷-: Zhang .

Original title◆▷: This years property market policy tone: differentiation regulation, rent sale and will be taken into the real estate estate estate estimated in Fuzhou. (Data Picture) Chinas reporter Zhang Bin photo has been determined. This years government work report is clear, adhere to the “house is used to live,-○” is not used to speculate “positioning◆▲□, implement the local subject responsibility, continue to implement differential regulation, establish and improve the long-term mechanism◇▷□, and promote the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market. Support residents self-purchasing house demand, cultivate rental rental markets, and develop a total of property housing. Accelerate the establishment of multi-body supply, multi-channel security, rent-buying housing system, so that the broad masses of the people will live in an early day□○◆. ▲-▽”The house does not speculate”, there is also a government work report▼▼, which also means this years real estate adjustmen china bulk gelatin supplier marine collagen supplier! advantages of capsule pectin-powder