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[china gelatin food]Original title: Peoples Congress representative Zhao Wei: Select a domestic classic film, establish a national primary and secondary school student movie library National Peoples Congress•=, Zhao Wei submitted to the General Assembly to start the national excellent film into the campus project◁•◇. Children and adolescents are the flowers of the motherland◁☆•◁. It is the builders and successors of the future socialist cause, carrying the hopes and dreams of the Chinese nation. Guiding the majority of children and adolescents with excellent cultural work education•●○▪, establish and promote socialist core values, is the fundamental investigation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and is also a top priority to strengthen innovation of national basic education○■. As the most vivid visualty, the movie is the integrated audio-visual art form of people who are happy, but also provide spiritual cultural food, disseminate social ideology△◁, in the soul of nourishing people●▪●▷, cultivati◁○…•!

Original title: Singapore “Star War Force•▷◆” this week will carry out confrontation exercises with the Taiwan army [Global Network Comprehensive Report] Singapores “Star Tower△★▪” in Taiwan will be held in Taiping East and Hengchun Peninsula, ☆◁▼”Noon ○☆”-●, Implement confrontation exercises with the Taiwan military 333 traveler☆-◆. The mainland will hold a military exercise in the Taiwan Strait on the 18th in the island. Taiwans “Joint News Network” reported that the Taiwan army “not smashed the troops”◆▲▲, in addition to the Exception of Golden Gate and Mazu, in addition to the exercise of Golden Gate and Mazu■★, it will also fight the exercise with the Singapore “Star Force”▷◆=•. The acting will take part of the way, and the “Star Tower★=” and “Diene Enemy” confrontation, the Taiwan military 333 travelers step will serve as the character. According to the report◁-●▪, the “Star Tower” participated in the participation is equipped with a laser fron△△.

Original title: The public security bureau of the positive level▪•▲, will welcome the deputy director of the Standing Recently, the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee issued the public announcement, born in September 1969, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Beijing Public Security Bureau (Zhengshou)★■, deputy director ( During the daily work) Heng Xiaofan proposed to be executive deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau=▪◆•. The publicity time is from August 6 to August 13◁=▼, 2018. According to official website=▷★, in addition to working with other provincial public security bureaus (hall), there is also an important task in the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in the capital, ie “responsible for party and national leaders, important foreign guests in Beijing security guards Work◆•==. “Other provincial public security bureaus (hall)” one hand “is mostly a deputy approval of the provincial government, and is configured for the secondary level-▷□▼. Wang Xiaoyang, director of the public security bureau, Beijing◁•…, is a positive level, and he also serves as a publi. sleeping collagen multivitamin pectin gummy bearsPure collagen bovine hide hydrolyzed collagen peptides collagen peptides beef vs fish,