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[bovine bone gelatin]Original title: Changshengs biological reply inquiries deliberate fuzzy word lawyers say the companys retreat may have more facts and details of the vaccination of the elderly creature ( vaccine. On July 22☆☆=△, according to the latest statement of the State Food and Drug Administration•▪▪◁, it has been identified that the long-lived organism violates the relevant provisions of the ■▲□-“Pharmaceutical Management Law of the Peoples Republic of China▪◁”, the State Food and Drug Administration has ordered the company to stop production☆◁▪●. , Recall the drug GMP certificate, recall the rabies vaccine that has not been used●•. The State Food and Drug Administration will investigate the investigation of enterprises with the Jilin Provincial Bureau, and the transfer of public security organs suspected of crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. On the other hand▷○◇, as the CSRC pays attention to the vaccine incident, it will not be just a dead limit, and it is not excluded. July !

Original title: Minister Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology, accelerate construction of innovative countries and answers reporters asked the 13th National Peoples Congress◆▼□, a meeting of Journalism, scheduled for 10:45 am to Madia, 10:45 am◁▽…. Meeting, the Minister of Science and Technology, the Minister of Science and Technology, the Director of the Policies and Regulations and the Secretary for Innovation and Regulations, and the Director of the Innovation Development Director Xu Ziqi answered the question of China and foreign journalists on the “Accelerating the Building Innovative Country”▼◇•□. live broadcast, please pay attention gelita usa chicago! Moderator◆▷▼▷: Dear friends, everyone, good morning, welcome to participate in the 13th National Peoples Congress, a reporter meeting. The theme of this reporter will “speed up the construction of innovative countries”▲○★□. Today, we are happy to invite the Minister of Science and Technology◁-●◆, Mr. Wan Steel, the Ministry of Science and Technology Policy and Regulations and Mr. He Defang, the Director of the Innovation Development Division, Xu Xi marine collagen powder drink skin gelatin supplier protein sources for the animal feed industry!

China New Jingwei Client May 27th (Thursday), A shares, the A share, after 10:30, the startup is over 1%□◁▷; the afternoon has increased. As of the closing, the Shanghai Indication is 3608.85 points◇□▼, the increase of 0.43% off the line, the turnover is 42.9 billion yuan; the deposit is 14897.19 points, the increase of 0•□.7%, the turnover is 510□-.633 billion yuan■◁=▼; the GEM refers to 3226▼=•.11 points, 0▽●○.92% Head card 50 index reported 3664.94 points, and 0.21% increase■=. Shanghai index all-day trend Source: on the Wind disk○…, semiconductor sector leaps, Pai Rui shares, Beijing Junzheng ◇◇●•?Pectin manufacturer.