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[gelatin powder for animal feed]Original title: Who is focused on the first inter-JPC held at the Silver Insurance Commission●▷•? Keep a ◆◆△▲”money bag”. On the 23rd○◇○, the disposal of illegal fund-raising Inter-Joint Conference was held in the Silver Bank, the relevant person in charge of 11 departments of the central bank, the SFC, the Supreme Peoples Court, attended the meeting. At this meeting★△★○, Yang Yuzhu, director of the disposal of the Ministry of Illegal fund-raising▷△☆▲, said that in 2017★•-◇, the national new and exemption was suspected of illegal fund-raising cases, and the amount involved in the case was 179.55 billion yuan, down 2.8%, 28◇△.5%, continued to maintain the double drop. ★△”The situation, but the overall situation is still grim. The severe situation is mainly manifested in: the total number of cases is still running in high positions. The participation of fund-raising has continued to rise-▲=, and cross-provincial cases have continued to have more▪•…△, involving multiple provinces and even the countr.

Original title: Nanjie President Lu Jian responds the college list and discipline rankings: the external evaluation is only reference, the concept of running a school does not change the list of various universities, the discipline ranking is endless, as a domestic first-class university, Nanta is a list of frequent guests. How to treat these ranking=•, list? On March 3, the National Peoples Congress representative and Nanjing University President Lu Jians direct words in an interview with modern Express reporters, each ranking, and evaluation only from a perspective to reflect the development of a certain stage of the university. It is only a phased▪▷. Part▼☆, so it will only be resolved and corrected for the rankings, for ranking▪◆, assessing the problem. However○□▪, the concept of running a school in Nanta does not change the role of school, and the confidence in the connotation development path of the South University will not move. Representative of the National Peoples Congress▲▪▲○, Nanjing University President Lu Jian?

Original title•◆▪: Taiwan Airlines changed the “China Republic of China” as =□△”Taiwan”★…=, Taiwan is shocked [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] After the 44 foreign airlines correct its website to lack the Taiwan labeled “national△○” improper practice•◆, July 31 On the day☆◆■…, there is a member of the Taiwan organization-★, saying that Taiwans airline has also begun to rename and delete the title of “Republic of China”◆•■. Including a number of Taiwan media such as China Times◇□, Joint News, Dongsie News, etc. reported that the news of China Airlines and Evergreen Airlines, and the app has deleted the “Republic of China” and renamed “Taiwan”. However, Taixia seems to have not figured out that these two airlines changed. The observer network query found that in May this year, there was a media reported that the “country” of these two airline▪…▷.

Original title…□: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Museum Director Wang Chunfa: TV shows is not the only way to live in the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and Wang Chunfa, a director of China National Museum, is accepted. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yujing Xinjing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) This morning▼▼■•, in the National Political Consultative Participation, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▽•▷-, the Chinese National Museum, Wang Chunfa, said in an interview, “If the national treasure will speak ■••”The” National Treasure “TV show▲◁▪△, not the only way to make the national treasure live, the road is a large road to Rome, should have a better way to make the cultural relics in the banquet. Wang Chunfa introduced that there is a huge gap between the collection and exhibits of each museum. Taking the Forbidden City as an example, there are 1.8 million pieces of collection, and it is really not 1%•○=. Guo Bo h!

[Opening of the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in the reporter queued into the venue] The 13th National Peoples Congress opened on the 5th at 9:00 am in the Great Hall of the People, listened to the State Council of Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the governments report, and reviewing the State Council on 2017 National Economy And the report of the social development plan and the report of the 2018 National Economic and Social Development Plan, review the State Council on the 2017 Central and local budget implementations and the 2018 Central and local budget draft reports◇•△•, and listen to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee on Constitutional Amendment Description of the draft. The picture shows that the reporter queued into the venue△□. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh. free gelatin sample industrial whey protein precio

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