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[protein industry scabdals]May 27, 2021, Ministry of Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, presided over the reporter: Cai Yingwen said yesterday, due to the mainland obstruction, Taiwan failed to purchase new crown vaccines and German biological technology companies, can you confirm and What is the reason? Zhao Lijian: Maybe didnt attend a reporter last yesterday◁…, I have responded to this yesterday. Reuters reporter: This morning, a court of Beijing did not allow the Australian Ambassador to listen to the Trial of the Australian Citizen, Yang Jun case, can you explain the reason●■■? Zhao Lijian: The second branch of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Procuratorate was reviewed according to law□▷-△. On October 7▷☆, 2020, the espionage criminal suspect Yang Jun reported to Beijing Second Intermediate Peopl▼◁▼★?

China Weather Network News According to the National Early Warning Information Release Center, Beijing Shijingshan District, Mentougou District▪◆, Haidian District and Fangshan District Meteorological Observatory have released blue and yellow warning signals. Shi Shan District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning of heavy rain at 11-◇=●:20▽△…▽, the current rainfall of Shijingshan District has reached 30 mm, and it is expected that heavy rainfall will continue in the next three hours, please pay attention to prevention. Tengou District Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm blue warning at 11:38, the current Tunlevuan Temple has reached 30 mm, and it is expected that the rainfall will continue, and the shallow mountain area can reach 50mm-▽…. Please pay attention to prevention. Haidian District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue early warning of heavy rain at 12:44, and the current short weather in Haidian District has reached 30 mm. It is expected that Haidian will have a strong end of Haidian in the next three hour.

Original title□☆: Tencent has no dreams? Innovation has hope◇◆-! Talk to sleep before going to bed for a while, there is a world in the dream. Hello everyone, I am a party newspaper commentary…☆. Recently, Tencent once again became the focus of public opinion. First, a thousand words, “Tencent has no dreams” in the Internet, criticizing Tencent ▷▷□”is lost product capacity and entrepreneurial spirit, turning into a investment company, and then the horse is a response•▪◁,” How my ideals have the best Product, not how much money earned ▪▼•…”=●, but quickly Tencent clarified the response system netizen Du, two days later, the screen of Mahua Teng and shake founder Zhang Yiming in a circle of friends▪■-●, the latter complained” WeChat blocked ★•” Microsight plagiarism “, the former is straightforward” can be understood as the “△◁•.▪•○△.△•.-•◇” It turned out that the commercial rivers and lakes■=, not only faced the market competitio. china kosher gelatin powder industrial product of protein engineering

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