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[protein synthesis industry]China Xinwang Xining May 28 (Sun Rui Yuan Xiaozhen) Reporter was informed from the Peoples Bank of China◆■, and the Mados earthquake-stricken area financial services have been fully recovered. At 2◇…•☆:4 of May 22•-●▪, a 7.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Mado County-▼•▲, Queen Province, Qinghai Province, 17 kilometers percentage in the depth of the earthquake▽…★, and the province of Qinghai is strong. Li Zhijun, the staff of the Peoples Bank of China, introduced that after the earthquake▲▽▽, the first time of the various financial institutions in Qinghai, the first time-…▪, comprehensively investigate the network, business system and personnel safety, and report the disaster in time•=, open the payment clearing, Treasury funds, distribution fund allocation, reproduce reassembly△▷-▲, credit information inquiry services and other five go.

Xinhua News Agency…•◇▼, May 27th (Reporter Zhang Yizhan) reporter learned from the Xinan County Emergency Administration of Jining City▲▲, and one of the new and miners of Xinan Coal Mine in Shandong Province have been rescued. The miner has been Take it to the hospital for treatment○•■▼. Currently◁▲…, rescue work is still in progress=★▷▲. At 23:6 on May 26, the Jujube Group Xinan Coal Mine Digging into the face suddenly colored accidents, resulting in six miners trapped•…. Jining City and Shandong Provincial Department of Shandong Province quickly launched emergency plans, the first time to promote professional rescue power, and fully organize the rescue rescue on site. After the accident, the Provincial Government of Shandong Province requested the rescue work and identify the cause and prevent secondary disasters…=. According to industry and commer.

Original title▷◇=: The new “head” of the COSCO appeared, and after 4 months of Guo Shu, the Shanghai Stock Exchange welcomed the Secretary of the New Party Group•▪. According to the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission△◇○, on May 4, the Shanghai Stock Exchange held a cadre meeting. Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Secretary of the Party Committee□□, attended the meeting and speaking. Zhong Haidong, the Second Bureau of the Ministry of Cadres, announced that the Central and State Council decided: Huang Hongyuan Ren Yonge Shanghai Securities Exchange Party Committee Secretary was nominated as the chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Board (Deputy Minister)▲▷. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has held the eighth meeting of the 4th Council, and the Chairman Huang Yuyuan is the Chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in accordance with the legal procedures. “Police NEWS” (WeChat ID▲●◆: ZSENEWS) notes that the news is shown in early January this year, the original Shanghai Stock Exchan◇=○.

Original title△▷: Mahartil releases positive signals to China: support and participate in △★=”a belt all the way” construction reference news network August 3 reported Japan “Nursing News▷…” August 2 issue, Malaysian Prime Minister highly evaluation ●▲☆”One Belt” initiative. The article said that Chinese State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahartil in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 1st. According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs☆□, Mahartier emphasizes that “all the way” initiative is a major opportunity for regional countries to achieve joint development prosperity, and the Maji will actively support and participate in the construction of “all the way”. Wang Yi said that Mr. Prime Minister is a good friend of the Chinese people, old friends•■, China is willing to work together with the horse, open up a new bright future of Zhongma relations■○◆. According to Malaysian National News Agency, talks continue to be.