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Gelatin capsule.[hair collagen]On May 27◇○●, the Journal “Nature” published the “2021 China Natural Index” issue (NatureIndex China). In the article entitled △•”New Age□▽▼■” leading the medicine intelligence, the newspaper pays attention to China Medical Artificial Intelligence Head Enterprise – Medical Technology, which is based on the multi-medical solution based on artificial intelligence technology◆-, and its social responsibility and Contribution◁▷-•, etc. The article says that the new crown epidemic will add the burden of the gradually long chronic disease. Medical Technology from the construction of large data platforms to provide life science and health management solutions, and then launched a series of cooperation with government departments▲•◆, not on?

Original title: (Xinhua International Time) China Foreign Trade “Real” contributes Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, April 17: China Foreign Trade “Real” contributes Xinhua News Agency reporter Lingxin World Trade Organization Licensed “Global Trade Data And Outlook○▽▲◁, report▪▲, 2017 global trade overall performance, Chinas total contribution rate of global import and export trade is as high as 10.2% and 12★◆●.8%, ranking second and first in the world. This once again shows that as the worlds largest cargo trade country◆-□□, China has become an important driving force that pulls the global trade giant-◁◆. In the case of protectionism and isolationism challenges in the world economy, China is not only promoting global free trade, and promoting the active advocate of building an open-end world economy, but also makes “rea…▽.

Original title: “Reform▽■●” has become a government work report high-frequency keyword March 5, and the 13th National Peoples Congress opened in Beijing. China News Service reporter Du Yang photo “reform…□△” has become a high-frequency keyword of this years government work report. Members and industry experts interviewed by “Economic Report” reporters pointed out that in 40 years▲▽, the reform and opening up has made my country s turnover changes. The Government Work Report has a comprehensive deployment of this years reform★◆▽. It is currently necessary to promote reforms with greater efforts to promote high quality development★•. Among them, reform breakthroughs involving peoples livelihood★◇○▪, and taxation, etc◇▼. will become the highlight of this years reform△▽○●. The Government Work Report pointed out to deepen the reform of fundamental key areas. The 40th anniversary of reform and opening up is an important opportunity, promoting the new breakthrough in reform, continuously emancipating and developing social productivity. Politic.

Original title: Headlines Due to the retrieval of cars, China Indians finally did these decisions – stated that China and India decided to determine new bilateral defense cooperation agreements■•▽☆, and agreed to strengthen The two countries interaction between multiple levels★▷••. According to the Indian Redeee website○▪▼, officials said that these decisions were made in China State Councilors and Defense Ministers Wei Feng and the Indias National Defense Minister Nilmara Titramans nearly two hours of meeting◆▼◁. The focus of this talk is to establish mutual trust between the two countries that guard the actual control line. ▲ On August 23rd◁=▼, China State Member and Defense Minister, which is officially visited in India□=▼•, held talks with the Secretary of Defense Minister. Li Xiaowei photographing the Indian Defense Department said that it is a trust establishment measur.