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[powder halal food grade gelatin]Original title: Xi Jinping is the matter of this national security, ordering a word [learning group press] May 29th, by the Peoples Daily▲▲=, the Zhejiang Peoples Government▲◇, the Peoples Daily Overseas Edition☆▷, the Hangzhou Municipal Peoples Government The 3rd Overseas Chinese New Media Summit was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 165 overseas Chinese media person in charge from 53 countries and regions around the world, more than 300 well-known overseas colleagues and experts scholars participated in the forum. The forum was fruitful, released the “Investigation Report of Chinas Ideas Overseas Communication”, established overseas Chinese new media network platform-◆, launched a national network video overseas communication platform△◇=▽, and jointly released “Hangzhou Declaration◇□” ▪…▷..◇●▷▼. this forum An important topic is the media integration. “The partys news public opinion work is an important task of the part•■◁▲.

Original title: (two sessions were released) The 16th National Peoples Congress, the Bureau held the sixth meeting Xinhua News Agency•=, Beijing, China, the 13th National Peoples Congress□□…, the Bureau held the sixth meeting in the afternoon of the Peoples Games. The Bureau is executive■☆●, the chairman is presiding over the meeting. The meeting should go to 190•◆-, attending 190, and attending the number of statutory▽=. The Bureaus meeting has decided to disclose the draft decision of the 13th National Peoples Congress on the Decision of the State Councils Institutional Reform Plan to the General Assembly○▽•▼. On the morning of March 16, the delegations earnestly considered the draft solution for the 13th National Peoples Congress and the appointment of the appointment and decided to agree to the plenary meeting of the General Assembly. The meeting has voted to decide to draft the draft inventory to all meetings of the General Assembl.

Original title▽□: The new department of the State Council is built, 5 departments leaders ★▽•▷”collection-☆” Source○-: Changan Street ICPUSE Writer The reform of the high-rise State Council institutions is in progress▲▲▽, “double positive” will appear again. On March 22, the Emergency Management Department cadre held in Beijing. The relevant person in charge of the Central Organization Department announced the decision on the appointment of the central governments leadership team of the Emergency Management Department. Huang Ming, Minister☆-, Secretary, Secretary, Secretary△●, and Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech▽◆★. Fujianhua, Party Secondary Secretary of the Emergency Management Department, Sun Huashan, Zheng Guoguang, Huang Yumi▪○, Ye Jianchun, Shang Yong, Ai Juntao▪▲, Wang Haishua attended the meeting. Huang Ming has now announced the reform of the ministries=……, with the “double positive■○◁”: Emergency Management – Party Secretary Huang Ming•◆, Secretary Wang Yupu◆◁■, Justice Department – Minister Fu Zhenghu.

Original title: Cangzhou Mayor▪□○: Tour for accelerating the early work of Ruimi Railway, waiting for ten years in chasing round, in the way to pursue high quality development, maintain considerable growth speed is still necessary. In 2017, the total amount of GDP GDP in Zhangzhou has increased by 9.5%; the fixed asset investment increased by 13.8%▪•; the industrial solid investment increased by about 29%◁-; the added value of the service industry increased by 12%; the per capita disposable income of rural residents increased by 11.0%. These 5 indicators grow up in Jiangxi Province. However•◁△, as the mayor of underdeveloped cities○=○, the Mayor of the National Peoples Congress▼•△, the Mayor of Zhangzhou, is still tricky. He accepted an interview with ●★□”China Economic Weekly”: The problem of unbalanced invented in Zhangzhou is more prominent, the total economic volume is not large★●=○, new econo!

Original title: Annual summary photo, the 18 leading cadres of the Neijiang, were processed on March 4th▽△•, Huaxi Metropolitan Newspaper – Capture News: At the beginning of this year○★◁▪, the Neijiang Dongxing District Commission for Discipline Inspection•●-★, in routine examination of township (street) leadership team members 2017 When the annual statement is a report (commonly known as the year-end summary “), some cadres have a copy of the copy, plagiarism, and plagiarism;” Some even summarize the 2016 year, only time it is changed to 2017…▼; or Turn the 18th big in the article to 19th big, pay up□★…. The summary of the two years…▽=◆, the content is 95%. “Among the 216 township (street) section leading cadres★▽, 18 were discovered Have this situation. These 18 leading cadres have been criticized…▼▷-, of which 2 mutual co. collagen water halal certificate bovine gelatinPure collagen protein food industry where to buy gelatein plus!