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[pig skin food gelatin]Original title▪-: China Consumer Association released 10 consumer rights procurement models in 2017 Peoples Network Beijing March 15th (Sun Yang) Today, China Consumer Association held the No. 1 studio No. 1 Peoples Network New Media Building to “quality consumption …-=◇”315 International Consumer Rights Protection Day” is the subject of a beautiful life. At the meeting, the Chinese Consumer Association released the typical case of consumer rights protection in 2017•□. According to reports, in 2017, the National Consultation Association organized a total of 726,840 consumers to resolve 552,398 pieces, and the complaint solution was 76%, and the economic loss was 51.69 million. Among them, 4,898 complaints were doubled due to fraudulent behavior of the operator▲◆◆☆, and the amount of compensation was 8•☆.25 million yuan◁△○=. Receive consumption throughout the ye?

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Chen Hang) Beijing City Implemented directory management▼▽, unapproved collection or harvesting of natural germplasm resources, will be 5,000 yuan or more 50,000 The following fines below. On the 27th●☆●★, the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th National Peoples Congress of Beijing was held…▼▽●. Li Fusheng, Director of the Beijing Municipal Justice, mentioned above as the △☆□▽”Beijing Seed Ordinance (Draft)” (the Bill of the Description of the Bill). It is not enough to face germplasm and have a problem of not enough, and the Beijing has a total of 265 certified seed production and management enterprises. In the Beijing-National-level cultivated research and development institution, more than 80 national seed industry research and development institutions△◆■, in the national-level industrial proje?

Chinas new network client May 27th◆=◁△, according to China Table Tennis Association News☆★●=, 2021 “Direct WTT Grand Slam · World Table Tennis” and Olympic Simulation Nanyang Station 26th entered the first game day, mixed double project ended three rounds The ratio of the group match-▷…●. Different from Xinxiang Station, this station mixed doubles from 12 to the combination, divided into two groups first in group cycles…●▲○, each team took the first 4 outline, and then the knockout. Xu Wei / Liu Shiwen, which has been qualified to the Tokyo Olympic Games, is the most focused group, but in the first game★…, they have encountered a strong challenge of Zhou Kai / He Zhuojia. The two parties in the first two games were taken 1 to 1 flat, “雯” gr△☆◇.

China Xinwang Beijing May 28 (Reporter Pangsuo) Natural Resources Department China Geological Survey Bureau No■=. 28, said that Japan☆▽△, China Tuning Bureau held a video signing ceremony with the East Asian Southeast Asian East Asian Military Program Coordination Committee (CCOP)••. The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding about the establishment of the CCOP City Geological Research Center☆•◆•. The center was led by the China Geological Survey Bureau of the Natural Resources Department■…▪▲, established with CCOP, and the Secretariat is located in Nanjing Geological Survey Center in China Geological Survey. According to the memorandum of understanding, the CCOP City Geological Research Center will build international urban geological cooperation exchange platforms to carry out international urban geological research, and promote advanced urban geological investigation.