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[whey protein industry in india]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference: It is recommended to popularize the intelligent maternal and child health services for public places, and the Beijing Municipal Safety Planning Commission Party Secretary Liangying accepts reporters. Beijing News reporter Tao Yuxi Xue Xin Beijing News (Reporter Wu Xi) On March 7th, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was participated in the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Council, and the Party Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Safety Planning Commission introduced him to this years proposal. ” About the popularity of intelligent maternal and child health services in public places. ” Fang Liangying recommended, establish a government guidance, industry leadership, social power, multi-participation, multi-participation★△, multi-participation, is a multi-participated in the Internet + intelligent maternal and child health public service platform model. The Government Work Report is talked about improving the work of improving the peoples livelihood in 2018, proposing “Improvement Maternal and Child Health Service”. Many years engaged in health wo.

Original title: Who will give “vaccination▼△•▽” reflection to the vaccine supervision. Shandong non-compliance vaccine incident was exposed by media in mid-July. After a few days of fermentation, it has now made a public hot event. Because parents go home to check their childrens vaccine, they found such a few vaccine production plants, and they may become “problem manufacturers.” So the collective panic of the whole society◁▲. Since 2007○■◁, the vaccine events have continued to be exposed=-, and now◆●•, the matter is not difficult□△◁, this is not a manufacturer◇◁☆□, which black heart boss or a malicious official▲▼▽=. What we must reflect is that the governance model behind the vaccine industry will fail. Simply put△●=, in order to prevent such incidents from happening again▽☆, who will give the vaccine supervision to =▽”vaccination”? The overall failure of the vaccine supervision is entering the so-called “Minsky Time■-★”, n.

Original title: The leading cadre should be a model of Chongde to be good★◆, and the good tradition of the Chinese nation and the valuable spiritual wealth◆□. Promoting the development of socialism with socialism in the new era▽▷△△, must strengthen ideological and moral construction in the whole society◁▪•▷, forming a social atmosphere of Chongde, and a civilized style. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that leading cadres should speak to Germany●▼. Politics is the wind direction of the whole social moral construction. Leading cadres should earnestly fall into the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary☆◇, strive to make socialist moral demonstrations◇○, good fortune, become a model of Chongde▷▷△◁. A deep understanding of the importance of Chongdes goodness. The ancients said■▼◆•, “For the politics, such as Beichen,” the stars are all “” “” “▼▽◁” “” ▼-□◇”” “” ▲◁△”=◁▽☆” “▷-▽” “” ■▪”” “” “” …□” Leading cadres are important positions, shouldering important duties, mu★△….

Original title: Influence of cold air△△□, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding wheel atmospheric pollution is expected to end the basic end of March 25, Beijing-Tianjin and the surrounding areas have experienced an atmospheric pollution process. In response to this pollution process, the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment Association Center actively organizes experts and interpretation of the pollution▪-=○. Overall cases of this pollution process, there are 47 levels in 6 provinces and cities in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas☆△, including 35 cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang◁◆…, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Binzhou launched orange. 12 cities such as Warm, Texas, Liaocheng, Shangqiu★☆, and Luohe launched a yellow warning. Since March 25, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas have been strong in southern China, and pollutants are easy to transport along the Taihang Mountai▽◁◁.

Zhongxin Net Tianjin May 27th (Zhang Daozheng Wang Junxi) Closing the Fourth Council of the Fourth Council of the Five Council in the Five Council of China. Li Zhuibin, Vice Chairman of China Overseas Chinese…▷▷▼, and Li Zhuibin, executive vice president of the China Overseas Chinese Commerce-▼, attended the meeting. Xu Rongmao, president of the China Economic Vendor Federation, delivered a speech at the closing meeting□◆◁. The Honorary President of China s Overseas Chinese Commerce is strictly closed••. The closing ceremony was hosted by the vice president and secretary general of the China Overseas Chinese Commerce◇▪. Election of Xia Payp for the legal representative of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Commerce…=. Zhang Daozheng consorted that the report of the Four Four Councils work report and financial revenue and expenditure report▷▷◇●, the consideration adopted the relevant internal management system▪•, personnel adjustment=★=●, cancellation offices, increase the amount of support for the secondary schoo?