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[fish gelatin glue]Original title○••▽: Prism Lai Qingde▼▽, the world has already seen your △=◆”Taiwan independence” performance in the style of the wind, the rudder is speculative◁=☆, and Taiwanese Island is afraid that there is no more playing more than the Democratic Party. Since last year, the person in charge of the Taiwan administrative agency has been high-profile with •●■☆”pragmatic Taiwan independence☆•■•”, it is a “model”. He recently received his old-hunting◁☆, and laid ◁☆”pragmatic Taiwan independence” and the Ministry of Democratic Party, said “Taiwan is a sovereign independent country-…, name is the Republic of China▽▲-, mutual relations with the Peoples Republic of China Not affiliated▼-=, Taiwans future is only 23 million people can decide••◆. ” Is this set of freshness? no way. As early as ▽-☆”Tainan Mayor”, Lai Qingde has frequently referred to “Taiwans future resolution”, and the Taiwan administrative body is still the same set of discussio.

2018-03-30 23: 26: 25☆…▽.0 Thailand Fei Chongqing flight detection 6 cases of the virus did not appear critical cases Thailand Fei Chongqing flight detection 6 cases like viruses 82317409 Week Xiaoxue / Enpproperty Hualong Network March 30 22:22 After the reporter (Reporter Zhou Xiaoxue) Following on March 19th, the Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau examined 39 cases of Naja virus from the immigration flight from Thailand, March 29, another Thai entry flight found together with group diarrhea burst Public health emergencies, diagnosed 6 cases of a viral infection case. At present••○…, all passengers are stable, and there is no critical cases and secondary dissemination◇…. The Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau specially reminded that the majority of passengers should pay close attention to food hygiene when traveling to Thailand and other countries and region.

China Xinwang Yinchuan May 27 (Reporter Li Pei Shan) “We handled for only 1 day for the extension of Hong Kong and Australian vegetable bases.▪◁■…” As the weather turned over●■•▪, Ningxia vegetables ushered in the export season. Ningxia Yinchuan Yongning County Limo Companys vegetable planting base told reporters on the 27th that vegetable exports needed to maintain its freshness△▲, this year, experience the full online handling, customs online answers, and convenience of online video review. “In the case where some filing materials need to be released△◁, the customs retaining filings allow us to avoid unmarketing of fresh vegetables, solve the urgent need for exports•=○.” Thanks to the advantages of climate and soil conditions, Ningxia vigorously developed cold and vegetables Industry▼•◁, more and mo☆○▷.Pure collagen native path collagen where to buy industrial gelatin paper making,