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[protein hydrolysates industry]Original title: The National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has conveyed the national two sessions of spiritual Yang Xiaodu hosted a meeting and speaking on the National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Civilization of the National Communist Party of China to convey the national two sessions. Yang Xiaotu presided over the meeting and speaking Liu Jinguo conveys the national two sessions. March 27▽◆-▼, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The meeting conveys the spirit of the nationwide. Yang Xiaotu, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and director Yang Xiaodu, director of the National Supervision Committee◁★=▪, presided over the meeting and speaking, emphasizing the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to be guided by the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping◆•▽◇, and implementing the spirit and learning of the national two sessions. The 19th National Congress and the 19th Second Middle School, the spirit of the Third Plenary Session, enhance the ◇□”four awareness”, strengthen ▲●☆•”four confidence▪…▽▲”, comprehensively perform discipline inspection supervision duties▪▲□•, and do a good job in the spirit of the Second Plenary Session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspecti.

Original title□▪△: Shanxi-…■: There is no evidence that there is no evidence of the national provincial and county road traffic police law enforcement. Shanxi Province public security traffic police discipline style concentration education rectification mobilization will upload news…-, the Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Management Bureau announced …◆◇-“Highway Traffic Police Squadron Standardize the 12th rules of law enforcement☆△▪=. The provisions are mainly suitable for the provincial and county road traffic police squadrons, which clearly stipulates that the auxiliary police will assist in law enforcement activities in the direct management, command and supervision of the police, and must not go separately. When the police auxiliary police on the road, the law enforcement recorder must be worn during the law enforcement of the road▪★…. During the law enforcement process, the law enforcement recorder should be used to perform uninterrupted records…•. In the process of law enforcement=▲-◇, the police should fix the law according to the violation of the law△▷•▽; there is no evidence, there is no punishment▪○. In the daily duty law enforcemen.

Original title: Domestic 14-price HPV vaccine, 13-pronaneous pneumonia vaccine in addition to the priority review or will accelerate the listing of the new Beijing News (Reporter Xu Wen), the original country Food and Drug Administration, the drug review center▪•○, the official website, publicized the 27th batch The list of drugs to priority review priority, including domestic recombinant 14-poby papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines, and 13 drugs in the 13-priced pneumococcal polysaccharide combined with “green channel” or will accelerate it. Among the listings announced, 12 drugs were launched in new drugs, and nine drugs were new drugs, and the remaining 5 drugs were applying for imitation drugs. It is worth noting that the 14-price HPV vaccine developed by Beijing Ninning Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the domestic restructuring of Shenzhou Cell Engineering Co.-☆◆, Ltd. as a major special project•▼▲◁, its n.Contacts gelatine capsules transparent china collagen tripeptide,