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[halal-gelatine-sweets]Original title: Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Municipal Peoples Congress: Increased the punishment of the rumors to punish the Standing Committee of Chengdu●▲▲, Sichuan Province, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Province, increased the punishment of the rumors in the order of the cadres, and we are very Pay attention to the integrity, law-abiding education◇▽□, advocacy of fair competition, banned the pick-up bribery, but the phenomenon of ◇□◆”black” is not given to the phenomenon of ○□▼◇”black”. It is recommended to improve the investigation▲□, punishment initiatives in cadres selection, punishment, and increase the punishment of rumors, curbing this new type of incomplete wind spread. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili.

China Xinwang Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhang Su) is not able to participate in the Australian Ambassador to participate in the Australian Civil Ambassador. Yang Juns case involves state secrets, and does not publicly hears according to law■☆, no place to listen◆□■•, and completely legally reasonable○△□★. According to Zhao Lijian•◇●◁, the second branch of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Procuratorate was reviewed on October 7, 2020…▲■★, which filed a public prosecution for the Australian Criminal Peoples Court to Beijing Second Intermediate Peoples Court on October 7, 2020. Beijing Second Intermediate Peoples Court held a trial according to law on May 27 this year■△◁☆. Zhao Lijian said that the case is currently in the process of tria?

China News Agency reporter△●: I would like to ask the Ning Gao Ning member. The reform of state-owned enterprises that have received much attention has entered the deep-water area and the branches. If further advance reforms, cultivate the first-class enterprises with global competitiveness, what do you think we should need to solve what problems? In addition, how should Chinese companies carry out global layouts with the -■”One Belt All Road△…▪★”, climbing to the high end of the value chain? Thank you☆•□▷. Ning Gao Ning▲●: Deep Water Area, the attack is said for some time, no longer a year, the national enterprise reform has been carried out for many years●▪△=, but also achieved a lot▪▲. The Prime Minister also said that the profit of state-owned enterprises in 2017 increased by 23◁▼◆.5% in 2017, it should be said that the development of state-owned enterprises is still more healthy-◇◇-. I am guilty here for state-owned enterprises, and state-owned enterprises are still economical in the economy, have huge productio.

Original title▪▷: Sino-Russia discusss the integration of Beidou and Glorians Navigation Russia Media: Improve Service Quality Reference Message Network April 3 Report Russian Free Media Website March 31 An article published on March 31 The title is “Sino-Russian, Russian,” The article said on March 30, China uses the Long March No. 3, which has successfully launched two satellites of the North Handan Navigation◇◁▷, which belongs to the central earth orbit satellite. It is part of the satellite navigation system built in China. Before 2018, the number of satellites will reach 18, by 2020, Beijing will complete the launch of 30 network satellites, when the Beidou System will complete the transformation from regional services to global coverage. The article said that the global navigation system currently in actual operation has only the US G.