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[protein industries canada winnipeg]Original title=☆◆◁: Is the emperor? There is a help of Taiwanese to kneel tonight, you ○▲○◇”Meiya Tul Plant” “The Heart of Zi Si▪○” tonight, triggering a huge dispute. Today (May 10), a TV drama called “Heart of Zhi Sizi” will be premiered in Taiwan…=•△, only from the fresh name, everyone may think that this drama is a beautiful desktop. Idol. However, not. This drama only announced the trailer in advance, which has caused great controversy▪★. “The Heart of Zhi Sizi•★★●” is the theme of Tiezhi Hospital Nurses Lin Zhhui, which tells that she is in the hospital for more than seventy years. After retirement, she still has a story of hospitality. Before explaining why it will cause dispute before, lets take a look at the lines of this drama: “Caring for the state”●=▼•, “sure the country●□●■”, from the mouth of a young and military female nurse, this is a typic.

This is the voice of the people who brings together the public opinion=◆, and the grassroots look forward to the convergence of the people, there must be a short channel to carry the peoples enthusiasts to the beautiful life. This is the channel to listen to the people▷☆▽. Social concern. Help answered the call of the people, and there must be a short channel to communicate with the solemn venue and the peoples opinion. This is the passage of the people who condense the peoples endorsement to the development of everyones business. Everyone will hope. The short channel is connected to the head of the people from the minister, to the representative, to the member to enter the new era channel and then broaden the peoples voice more bright strip channel▽△▷, the Chinese two will be more open○•▼, more transpare.

Original title▽=: One Chinese captain was sentenced to “illegal fishing◇□▪▼” Korean media reported screenshot of “illegal fishing” Korean media report screenshots Overseas News=■★●, Japan, the South Korea, the Lands Court-△□…, is suspected of violating South Korea and adjoining The Chinese captain A, the Chinese captain, was sentenced to 1 and a half years, and it was fined 20 million won (about RMB 117,000); the Chinese Wheel Machine B was sentenced to 1 year, and fined 15 million won ( The RMB 87▷▷=,000). In addition, more than 1◁▷□▲,100 kilograms of fishery and fishing were confiscated△▲□▼. According to reports, from January 17 to 21 this year, a one and B entered the Korean territorial sea, in the Eastern Sea area of ​​Yanjin County, Incheon City•=★, ☆■△”illegal fishing◁★•△”, and therefore was prosecuted. The judge is said to the sentencing result□••□?

Zhongan Online Zhongan News Clients News after summer rainstorm▪◁■, the air revealed a cool cool…▪◆◆. In the poverty alleviation factory in Shiqiao Village, Yuexi County▷•, Xia Liuhua is selling a woven bag headed overseas. “Move this relocation point in August last year, I will come to zero in this side of this side▷-•▲.□•◆★” Xiaowa, who worked in the poverty alleviation plant in Shiqiao Village, recently, from the Central News Network News Information Dissemination Guided by the Bureau, the Anhui Provincial Party Member of the Anhui Provincial Party Network Theory Anhui Station reporter group came to the Yiwei Temple of Paradise Town, Yuexi County▷▷○□, concentrated on the site, at the scene=●, four row resettlement points The new housing is neatly, and it is wrong. According to reports▲★▼, 30 households were placed in these four rows of houses…●▲. ★▽”We resettle easy to relocate households in accordance with standards with no more than 25m2▪▽….★△●” Heav=•.