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[collagen peptide from fish]Ji Bingxuan resume Ji Bingxuan, male▪◆=•, Han nationality, born in November 1951, Henan Mengjin, in October 1978, participated in the work in April 1980, Join the Communist Party of China, graduated from the Chinese Department of Zhengzhou University•■, University General class education. He is currently a member of the 19th National Central Committee, and the vice chairman of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee-◆…. From 1975 to 1978, Zhengzhou University Chinese Department of Chinese Learning 1978-1982 Hengjin County▼▼■, Henan Province, Pingle High School Teachers○◇◁, County Committee Office Officer 1982-1984, Henan Province=●, Chaoyang Township Party Secretary, Zhangjiang Township Party Committee●◇, 1984-1985, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary, County Committee, Henan Province-=, County In 1985-1987, the Secretary of Henan Province, Henan Province, 1987-201, China=▪•, Association, Associate Secretary, Henan Provincial Committee▼=, 198●…•.

Original title●△•: Indian aviation modification desk error labeling the Ministry of Foreign Affairs▲●▪: worthy of being affirmed! [Global Times – Global Network Report Reporter Guo Fang] According to reports, after more than two months of the China Civil Aviation Authority, India Airlines corrected its logo on Taiwan, and is called “China Taipei”. At the time of being asked, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Chinese government said that the Chinese governments position on this issue is not only very clear in India●-=, but also in other countries in the world…=▼▪. The relevant practice of India Airlines is an objective fact, basic common sense and international consensus on “there is only one in the world, Taiwan is part of China◇★”. This approach is worthy of affirmation. Lu Song said that he will once again emphasize that respect Chinas sovereignty and territorial completeness▽==◁, complying with Chinas l.

Original title: First◆★▼☆! The highest inspection and procurator-General, the Supreme Leading Committee and discussed significant protest cases on the afternoon of June 11, the President of the Supreme Peoples Court, and Zhou Qiang, chief Justice▽▪▷□, presided over the Supreme Peoples Court Trial Committee=▲, discussed the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate to propose Anti-casement◆■•. The Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, the chief prosecutor Zhang Jun first preceded the meeting and speaking. The prosecutors level is Zhou Qiang in the exercise of legal supervision. The trial committee system is an important part of the socialist judicial system of Chinese characteristics. Since the partys 18th National Congress, under the leadership of the partys central government, under the leadership of the Central Political and Legal Committee, the Peoples Court implemented in-depth implementation of the Party Central Committee on deepening the decision-making deployment of the judicial system reform, and actively promoted the reform of the trial committee system. Deepen the judiciary, comprehensi▪★◆.

Original title: The United States shot does gelatin count as fluid intake Pectin manufacturer! industrially produced proteins! How do China be accompanied by? US President Trump local time was signed at the White House in the White House at noon on the 22nd day•◁, announced that the “301 survey” was announced, and the import of paying attention to the goods from China from China, the US investment is limited◁□. The WTO takes action for China☆▼. China will respond. The Chinese embassy in the United States said that China does not want to fight trade war, but it is not afraid of trade war◆▼, confidence◇▽▷, and ability to deal with any challenge. If the US is insisted to play, we will accompany the end and take all necessary measures to resolute defend their legitimate rights and interests. A few hours later, the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of aborted reduction products for US imported steel and aluminum products 232 measures, and intended to approximately $ 3 billi▪=.

Peoples Daily: Unprecedented industrial protein purification techniques…△ protein shakes industry! The new round of institutional reforms must be the hardest bone mechanism reform is a process▪…, and it will not be alive▼▽, and it will not be eternal☆△▲-. ▽●◆”Wow”, although the strength of this round of institutional reform is expected○☆△, but when the reform plan meets the public-•◁, many people cant help but marvel•◆…. In the past 40 years◆▷…, the most visionary and courageous solutions no longer retain the Ministry of Land and Resources▪▷□△, the National Oceanic Administration, the National Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Bureau, and the establishment of the Natural Resources Department; no longer retaining the Ministry of Environmental Protection◁◇▲=, forming an ecological and bad department; integrating business, quality supervision The main responsibility of the food and drug supervision department, forming the State Market Supervision Bureau; established the Emergency Management Department, Decommissioning Military Affairs Department …▪◆•… March 13, the State Council Institutional Reform Plan for consideration of the 13th National Peoples Congress. More than 20 reform••▲.