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[application of protein engineering in food industry]National Peoples Congress, Academician=◆, Chinese Academy of Sciences-◆◇□, Wang Jianyu, executive, quantum satellite project, Wang Jianyu◁●▼•, the title▷=□: Peoples Congress Wang Jianyu called on the local talents to enjoy ◆▷◁=”Sea”, “I have a student very good, from doing graduate students to participate in the Mozi number The work, I didnt want to stay in China at the time. “Wang Jianyu-=◁=, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, academician, quantum satellite engineering executive Vice President Wang Jianyu□◁=◆, in an interview with the” Chinese Science News “, I cant help but mention my team training A student▲□. Wang Jianyus evaluation of this student was that the run of the entire project □☆-“I am not in▪☆△, he is not cant do◆★.” In such a team of the main force, the approach to progress is slow▽-, and it is still a sub-research staff, and the support and rewards that can be obtained are also awkwar.

The medical insurance fund is the …=★▪”life-saving money” of the masses, but many people regard this money as “Tang Yan”. Some have no hybrids, only a medical insurance card can be fictitious “shadow patient”; some of the “conditional magnifying glass”, put the patient who originally cant reach the hospital standard for surgical patients; some incarnate “master▷△□” The non-profit medical services have been made in a fake “business” ..★◇. Half month talks about reporters to combat the fraudulent exemption, and investigates the “three fakes” focus on “false patients▪•, false diseases, fake tickets”. ••▪”The fraudulent behavior harm the interests of each insured, especially paying attention◆★▼○, must be” targeted treatment ■-◆★”-•▽○. 1 □▷◇▼”Shadow Patient●▷”: In addition to the medical insurance ca?

Original title: The Liberation Army and Armed Police Force Delegation considered the draft constitutional amendment to the draft Constitution, the draft Constitutional Amendment, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing March 8 (Reporter Mei Shixiong, Fan Yongqiang△…, Mei Changwei) attended the 13th National Peoples Congress A meeting of the PLA and the Armed Police Force delegation expressed their entire discipline when the draft constitutional amendment was considered●-, and resolutely supported the draft constitutional amendment. The delegates agreed that this constitutional revision banner has clearly writes the Chinese Communist Party of Chinas most important characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and puts the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking into the national fundamental law★=, revisit the relevant provisions of the State President•-=, etc▪▼▲. New experience in new achievements in the development of party and national undertakings, reflecting the partys claims and the unity of the people, reflecting the whole par.

Original title: What signals are released for the first time in the new head of the Ministry of Finance? China s Finance and Tax System Reform. On the 25th■○, Li Kun, Minister of the Ministry of Finance, said in Chinas Development High-level Forum 2018, real estate tax legislation◇▽, personal income tax reform, etc…○▼. is steadily advanced. The personal income tax system will be reforming, according to the changes in the consumption level of the residents, improve the basic reduction fee standards reasonably. Increase the deduction of special costs such as child education and medical care. On the day of the forum, he also responded to the problem of the Chinese marketization process in China. Where is the power source from•▼☆? “Liu Kun (China Development High-level Forum for Figure) The following is Liu Kunmi△…◁!

Original title☆=…: ▽△☆”The canal story around me” is awarded the national collection of excellent works: Qianlong Net Beijing March 11th▽★●◆, the general secretary of the practice, the General Secretary△=▪, the general secretary●▪■, the main canal◇▷○☆, good•…, good★△, inherit “The instructions of the instructions, launching the broad masses of the people to actively participate in the inheritance of the Grand Canal culture, explore the historical materials of the Grand Canal, popularize the knowledge of the Grand Canal, improve the value of the Grand Canal, promote the spirit of the Grand Canal★■◁, and promote the socialist culture Xingsheng made a new contribution▪○■◆, Beijing-▪◇…, Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui■-○-, Shandong, Henan and other large canals along the eight provinces and municipalities and Beijing Internet Information Office▼▲□◇, ▷•”inheriting the canal of the canal, popularizing the canal knowledge, Carrying forward the spirit of the canal ●★”is the subject, jointly organizing” the luck around . does jello stop periods collagen peptides fishContacts.

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