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[gelatin is derived from]Original title◆★: At the beginning of May, the non-action certificate “only run◇□▷” does not move the property rights certificate can logistics delivery. Implement a window to transfer business a window. When applying for a list of list, the time limit is reduced from 10 working days to 5 working days. In the future, Beijing housing sales, real estate registration will become more convenient◇▷▼. From April 1, Beijings real estate registration time limit will be compressed as the day or 5 working days. From May…◇, the transfer of house rights will be “one-stop○-“, which means that the net sign▷☆▲-, pay taxes and certificates of the running legs will be compressed to just run. Recently▼□★•, Beijing released “Internet + real estate registration” reform implementation plan “and” Notice on Further Optimizing Business Environment Renewal Time Limits “, focusing on the public production and life is clo★◁….

Original title◇★: Wang Guoqiang no longer serves as a party secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the director Wang Guoqiang○•▷. Visual China Data On March 28th, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a cadre conference to inform the Central Committee on Wang Guoqiang no longer serve as the Party Secretary of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. Director Zeng Yixin is committed to the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, the responsible bureau of Ma Jianzhong•△○◁, a member of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration○●•, and deputy director. Zeng Yixin◇=☆◆, Wang Guoqiang attended the meeting and speaking, Ma Jianzhong hosted the meeting. Wang Guoqiang said, resolutely supported the entire observation from the central government▪△, and happily retreat from the leadership position and fully agreed with the decision of the party group. In the past 11 years▽■◇▼, especially since the 18th National Congress, the party centronics in the heart of Xi Jinpi.

[Struggle 100-year road to settle new journey in Chongqing] Chongqing practice “three roles■□▼★” to undertake new pace in April 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping in Chongqing, I hope Chongqing “strive to advance In the new era▲•, the development of the new era is played a support role in promoting the construction of average all the way◁…▲, and playing demonstration roles in the development of the Yangtze River economy. ” In Chongqing, the West Luhai New Channel helps the western development•△, the freight class will be used along the railway South Bank, Tongjiang Dahai=■▷; Orchard, the Yangtze River Golden Waterway and “Silk Road-◆”, the distribution of the Chinese European class (渝新 欧) is from Europe from Europe Commodity, build a new highland of the inland; Guangya.

China Xinwang, May 27th (Zhao Guihua) Shenyang City will plan to build a science and technology city in southern southern, build radiation of the provinces and even Northeast Asia●☆▼, to help high quality development in Northeast China▽◁★. On May 27, Shenyang City, Hunnan District, in the Hunan Science and Technology City, publicly collecting the global character, domestic leading, world-class planning and design, and finally selected winning programs up to 6 million yuan rewards. Shenyang Weinan Science and Technology City is located along the Cantonese Road of Weinan District▪-. Will be based on the overall layout of Liaoning Laboratory, the construction becomes an industrial high-end, wisdom open-▷○◇, green modern international innovation ecological demonstration zone, will carry the basic research in the fields of materials science◆●, intelligent manufacturin▼◆!

Original title: On May 1st, the smoking will be banned for 180 days•-. Escape tickets will also be banned by people who are banned through high-speed rail. In the EMU, smoking, once there is a smoking, will touch the train alarm, EMU will Suddenly slowing down, even giving more serious consequences. On March 19th, the National Development and Reform Commission official website issued a news◆★▷. Recently, many communities have introduced new regulations for the ▽▷▪”Smoking” of the EMU. From May 1st□▽□▽, smoking in the motor vehicle and trains◆•◇◆, and it is forbidden to take the train within 180 days. At the same time, ●▪◁”Forced high-speed railway door” and other disturbances, resulting in a bad social impact, once entering the blacklist•◇…, will also ban the train 180 days. I illegally smoking, and I will prohibit the train recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the highest people in the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Civilization Offic. food grade gelatin collagen peptides beef vs fishGelatin capsule liquid gelatine functional properties of proteins in food industry!