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[gelatin test microbiology]Original title▪▽○: (Technology) Chinas 34th Antarctic Investigation has achieved fruitful results “Snow” to Shanghai Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai April 21 (Reporter Zhang Jiansong▪◆◆, Chabo Long) After 165 days, more than 38◇★,000 sea storms And the ice and snow test, Chinas 34th Antarctic Scientific Examination team took the “Xuelong” polarography test of the triumphant on the 21st, and successfully arrived in Chinas Pudong, Shanghai Pudong, Polar Terminal Terminal. Chinas 34th Antarctic examination was implemented by the ◇■”Snow○-◁■” and ◆…”Xiangyang Red 01″. The inspection team won the construction of the new station in the Rose Sea, the Antarctic Environmental Business Survey and the Antarctic Atlantic Sector Ocean Environment Comprehensive Examination, 78 survey tasks and 22 guarantees and support tasks have been completed. Important results. Inspe.

Original title: First-tier cities need to deepen reform and opening up as long as they firmly confident, attack hard, take out the stones of the stones, will make Beijing better, let reform and opening up further▲-▽. ▲ Beijing□★△. Image Source: Visual Chinese Wen Editorial The Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Municipal Peoples Government issued on July 30th, “Beijings action plan on comprehensive deepening reform, expands to open an important initiative”, including the construction of institutional mechanism and reform A total of 117 specific initiatives were proposed to optimize the business environment. The reform initiative coverage has a wide range of reform initiatives in Beijing□■▲□, covering the institutional mechanism for promoting reduction and development, improving the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei consensus development system, deepens the reform of the scientific and technological and technological system, reform the business environment▷▷-, and improve the urban and rural governance syst◇▼.

Original title▲▪■☆: British media: Chinas steel industry is not afraid of US tariff potential chain effect more worthy of concerns report Message Network On March 21, the British media said that the US steel export share is less and the development of the new market, so China is relatively Direct Impact of American Trade Action. The potential chain effect brought by trade barriers is more concerned. According to the British “Financial Times☆•□=” website, on March 20=•○, when the US President Donald Trump claimed that the aluminum and steel of the world will not seem to be too intentional-•. According to the report, even before the United States officially announced the news, Chinas steel manufacturers said they did not worry about tariffs. Over the years, China has been in terms of rare exports in the United States and the opening of the new market•○•☆, so that China is relatively unfolded by US trade actio▪■▷.

Xinhua News Agency, May 27th (Reporter Zhang Ziyu), Huaiyuan County Peoples Court, Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province, tried to hind the prevention and control of the infectious disease□=, and sentenced the defendant○◇-▪, Yang, a period of imprisonment■•…, six months, probation Two years◇▼•★. The defendant prescribed in the court as a judge from the court and did not appeal. The court was tried, from January 13 to 2020○□, 2020◇▪, after Yangs confirmed new coronary pneumonia•=, Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital medical staff asked Yang Moumou to have an epidemic situation□…○□. The history of contact•▪, however Yangmou deliberately concealed his daughter returned to Wuhan◇•★, causing 27 medical staff of Huaiyuan County Peoples Hospital, hospital patient ●▽◆?

With scientific and technological innovation to respond to aging challenges (new) Peoples Daily Responsive Population aging●……•, deeper approach should be to improve human capital levels and the seventh national census of scientific and technological innovation capabilities, my country is 60 years old and The above population accounted for 18.70%▲○◇, which rose 5.44 percentage points compared to 2010. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “population aging is a worldwide problem, the impact of human society is deeply long-lasting…•.▷◇★” From the global vision, demographic growth is not Chinas unique★◆-, population aging is a world trend. According to the combination of the United Nations, by 2050, the proportion of population of 65 or more in the world will rise to 16?About Us!

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