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[gelatin ingredient]Original title: The first two giants of the central enterprises have merged, the leadership team debut▲▼★△: Changan Street Introduce, the first two giants of the national-owned committee of the State-owned Commission, the Nuclear and Nuclear Construction announced the merger, and restructuring is a new Nuclear Group◇▼•. However, the new leadership team did not appear together, time for half a year. Changan Street◆…, IT (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) notes that the answer is finally announced yesterday=★▼: the general manager of the China Nuclear Player Yu Jianfeng Ren Xin Group Chairman□◁□, the general manager of the China Nuclear Construction, Wang Shoujun, the general manager of the China Nuclear, Wang Shoujun. From left to right▽□: Gu Jun, Wang Shoujun▼…, the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision, Hao Peng, the deputy director of the Ministry of China…◇◁-, and Yu Jianfeng friends know that large-scale central enterprises have two ●-“people•-“▷◁▪. In recent years, central companies come togeth△○.

[Air Force: Xu Yongli has already queded out of the service to transfer the local transfer…▲▲☆. Understand that the Air Force has coordinated the local management unit to blame Xu Yongli, requiring that it may not publish any improper remarks in the active military personnel-▪▽, engage in all social activities▼-. Click to enter the topic: Reverse? Cui Yongyuan apologizes to Fan Bingbing: 4 days and 60 million with her regardless of her Editor: Huo ▼■.

China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zengping) According to the relevant decisions of the National Peoples Congress and the Hong Kong Basic Law Annex I and Annex II, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Legislative Council passed on the 27th. “Improve the Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill in 2021◁★▼◆. Zhang Yong, deputy director of the Legal Committee of the National Peoples Congress○▽, was interviewed in March◆-▪▼, with the overall idea of ​​improving the Hong Kong Special Eval Election System with “Recommend” and “Increased Empowerment” for Election Commission (Selected Committee). The Hong Kong SAR Modifying legislation is also reflected in this overall planning design▽★◆. After the ◇▪”Recommend▲○□▽” Select Committee, its scale is 1200 peopl=◆▲●.

Wuan City Public Security: Chanted Li Lijuans deposit of more than 20 million suspected fraud, etc. From my (Wuan) municipal public security organs•▷▲□, on May 5, 2018, the public security organs were criminally detained by Li Lijuan with suspected extortion■△. Measures. There are now 45 bank accounts under Li Lijuan, with RMB 20259846•★=-.75 yuan, US $ 25,500 yuan. Recently…▷▼▪, the renminbi cash is 113 million yuan■▽◆, and the US dollar cash is 34,000 yuan. In his accommodation, 8 hospital diagnosis certificates were seized, and 3 of them were already confirmed by the forged seal◇☆■…, and the remaining 5 were reopened. As of now, after verification of the public security organ, Li Lijuan has been suspected of extortion, falsifying the crime of stamp, fraud, gatheri?

Original title: This official reply○-, do you believe? Recently☆☆■, netizens have shown that “Green Shengnan Lake Experimental School outside the Zigong Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau officially showed improper reply after the construction site of Green Sanhu Experimental School▲■■, I hope you can take the management”, in this, Zigong City Environmental Protection Bureau responded △•: Verified by the investigation, not the management personnel reply▷□◇◆, is the smart message of the micro official website below the WeChat window▼◇. ▲ Net transmission •△”God Replies” screenshot picture Source: Zigong◁▷◇▼.com The following is the following○-…•: Recently, some netizens have a message on the official public number of the Zigong City Environmental Protection Bureau. “Green Shengnan Lake Experimental School is dusty, I hope you can take the pipe “After the improper reply is displayed, I am sincere apologize for this. After investigation, the response after the netizen message is not the public number of our burea●▽□◆.