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[protein bar industry report]Original title: The National Development and Reform Commission on issuing the provisions of the ◆▪◁”Network Trading Price Report Jurisdiction”, the province, autonomous region•-▷-, municipality, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development Reform Commission△…, Price Bureau: In order to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of network transactions▪◁, the quality and efficiency, and effectively maintenance The legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, according to the “Price Administrative Punishment Procedure”, ◆•●□”Provisions on Price illegal Behavior Reports”□…, we have developed the “Network Trading Price Report Jurisdiction”. It is issued to you■▼, please conscientiously implemented□•. Attachment: Network transaction price report jurisdiction stipulates National Development and Reform Commission Source: Price Supervision and Inspection and Anti-monopoly Sub-station Accessories Network Trading Price Report Jurisdictions In order to continuously improve network transaction pri☆=○○.

Original title: Li Feng, Party Secretary and Secretary of the Science and Technology Bureau of Anhui Province, and Director Li Feng received the investigation and investigation of Li Feng information▪•▲. Li Feng▷▲◆…, the party secretary of the Cangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, and Li Feng suspected of serious violations, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision. Li Feng resume Li Feng, male▲▼•, Han nationality, Mengcheng County▽-□, Cangzhou City••, member of the Communist Party of China (entrance time: 1991.10), is currently the party secretary•□…◁, director of the Cangzhou Science and Technology Bureau=▪. 1985●□•.09–1989■★.07, Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences○◁, Agricultural Economic Management, Department of Agricultural Economics; 1989.07–1994◆=▽-.05, Mengcheng County Foreign Capital Office; 1994.05–1996◁◁.07, Deputy Director of the Secretariat of Foreign Capital Office of Mengcheng County◇○-☆; 1996□○.07–1997.12▲▷, Mengcheng County Foreign affairs offi.

Original title…○△▽: (The two sessions are subject to the release) The PLA and the Armed Police Force delegation group consideration of the governments work report Xu Zhao Zi Zhiji to consider the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing▪-=, March 5 (Reporter Mei Shi Xiong, Fan Yongqiang) The Peoples Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force Delegation 5 Day Bar Packets Consideration government working report☆◁★. Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission…•◁, Xu Qiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and Vice President of the Central Military Commission participated in the group consideration▼•◇-. The representatives believe that this meeting is a very important meeting of the new era new journey▪=•. Li Keqiangs premier government work report, fully implemented Xi Jinpings new era of socialist thinking and partys 19th National Spirit=•▪, reflecting a new strategic requirement for the opening of the new era of economic and social development●-▼, is a high banner○☆…-, truthful and pragmatic, and innovation○□●. repor!

Original title: Media: The Chinese Football Association will rectify the football coron tattoo, carry out the first battle of “Chinese Cup◇•=” in Health and Culture Education, China Men is worth 0 to 6 to give Wales▲☆▪. On March 24, the national football continued to train in the training ground in Guangxi Sports Center. On March 26, the national football team will meet with the Czech team in the ●○”Chinese Cup” quarterly battle. The player training blocks the tattoo in the competition of 0 to 6▽…=☆, Wang Hao in the national football team kicked half▽▲▼, and there were 3 low-level market failures. After the game, Wang Haochaos animation of this 3 mistakes was widely spread. He was not solid=▪□, and the focus was not concentrated. Subsequently, Shanghai media reported that Wang Haochao is fever when the game is full, and the state is not good◁▼☆. On the second day of the festival, Wang Haochao participated in the training-▽▲◆. March 24th, Wa◆★.

Zhongxin Net Yichang May 27th (Dong Xiaobin Xu Junfu) Huijiang City Public Security Bureau notified, in the “Thunderstanding 2021” special action, successfully knocked off a network money laundering crime gang, arrested 35 suspects, and seized on the spot More than 200 bank cards◇▼☆, more than 170 million yuan. At the beginning of March this year, the Zhijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau asked An police station frozen a case in the case of telecommunications network fraud cases. After in-depth analysis of the account▪☆◇◇, the police found that the account and associated multiple accounts have huge funds☆▽, and these accounts involve multiple telecommunications network fraud cases☆◁▽. Zhijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly formed the joint proposal group to carry out investigation, aft halal gelatin candy collagen for face●• plant protein industry collagen nitta gelatin!Gelatin wholesale.