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[protein cookie industry][The 12th National Peoples Congress represents five years of recommendations for more than 40,000 pieces] It is understood that a total of 91 key supervision proposals have been identified in five years in the General Office of the National Peoples Congress, involving 860 specific recommendations□◁□. Among them, during the five conferences of the 12th National Peoples Congress-▪★•, 20 key supervision proposals were identified, involving 146 specific recommendations, and transferred 53 organizers•★▪, and the 6 special committees of the National Peoples Congress were supervised. The Office of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress will strengthen organizational coordination with relevant parties◁■●, strengthen key supervision, form handling▷▷…●, and improve processing efficiency. Editor in charge: Zhang Jian!

Original title: Hainan notified “Zhu Changzhi 7 deaths and 4 injuries traffic accidents”■◆★: 27 responsible people and 2 responsible units were dealt with New Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) September 24, 2017, Hainan National Road 224 line 110 km There is a medium-sized self-transfer truck collision with large passengers, causing 7 people to die. Today (March 9), the accident investigation group informed the cause of the accident and the results of the treatment of 27 related responsible persons and 2 accident responsible units, including 6 judicial organs of the crime of major responsibility accidents, 13 party disciplines…▽▷◁, 13 people△=◆, Qiongzhong County, Tunhang County is responsible for the treatment of super, and 5 counties leaders who are charged with transportation are accountable◆▼…. Today, the official website of Hainan Province Traffic Police Team was reported that September 24, 2017, Wang Xingjin driving Jiangxi Provincial Yuchen Steam Co▼=., Lt◇•.

The remote area is no longer far away, and the backward area can follow the pace of the times. The key is to firmly expand the determination and action Xi Jinping General Secretary to participate in the Review of Chongqing Delegation, ▽▲=”Accelerate the construction of the inland open highlands▪△•■, the beautiful land of the mountains Strive to promote high quality development, create high quality life▷-, and let Chongqings work on the new level◁▷◆. ” This is two years later, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again made the development requirements of the development of the construction of the inland open highlands in Chongqing, and the development of the direction of Chongqing, providing fundamental follows○…, also let Chongqing in the new round of open strategies More prominent. Chongqing is a landlocked city in the Midwest▽▽☆, how can the inland cities have open temperament, showing “coastal advantages”? At the two sessions of Chongqing this year☆…, this topic has caused a wide range of hot discussion. bulk beef gelatin clean marine fish collagen peptidesContacts protein stability industrial scale industrially produced proteins!