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[global protein and agriculture industry]Source: Beijing Daily Original title: Global Watch Focus on Beijing□•, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Cai Qifa dispatched! Winter Olympics has officially entered the “Beijing Cycle▷□…-“. Yesterday morning, in the Shougang Old Factory Office of Beijing□◁☆●, the Shougang Old Factory Office◆-•, the city held a comprehensive promotion of the 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Association Work Mobilization Deployment Conference. Cai Qi, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympic Game is one of the three major events of Beijing to do good★○, and is the major political responsibility of Beijing☆●▲. The city must learn to implement the spirit of Chinas characteristic socialist thinking and the partys 19th National Congress, in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping, to further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission□•, and go all out Do we?

First Financial Reporter▼★: I would like to ask Chen Xiaohua, everyone knows that the industry is prosperous is the focus of rural revitalization…▲. Recently, we learned in an interview that the current rural population continued to decrease, some villages have appeared ■-◁-“hollow” phenomenon. Excuse me, how does the village make the industrial revision? Chen Xiaohua▲○-: Everyone knows that the key to the revitalization of the country is in people. If a village has no popularity▽=★, there is no talent, and the development of this village must definitely not do it. At this stage▽•■, the labor force of rural areas is indeed continuously. Some villages have also appeared “hollow★-” phenomena, and this issue should be seen from two aspects■=••. On the one hand, it is an inevitable result of urbanization○▼☆…. Many countries in the world have reached 70% in the urbanization rate▷-◆, and there is a phenomenon of rural population outflow. In the past five years, the rural population enters the city to sett.

Su Hui resume Su Hui, female, Han nationality, born in May 1956, Taiwan, Taiwan At the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Chairman of the Taishang Central Committee. 1975-1978 China Measurement Science Research Institute Electric Room Workers 1978-1982 Central Finance Finance College (now Central University of Finance and Economics) Finance Department of Finance Department of Finance Department of Finance Department of 1982-1986 Beijing Finance Bureau Work Management Office Cadres 1986-990 Beijing Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau, Deputy Director of the Housing Reform Management Office▪◁■, deputy director of the Beijing Finance Bureau, Vice Director, Vice Director of the Beijing Finance Bureau★☆-, Housing Reform Manageme purenature collagen ultra chicken collagen type ii w/ hyaluronic acid•▽ Gelatin wholesale. capsule chart size gelatin enteric coated empty capsules!