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Gelatin capsule.[pectin fruit gummy]China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Chen Hang) The Beijing Municipal Government implemented a unified planning layout of the former medical emergency institutions in the city…○▷◆, unified command dispatosition, unified service standard, unified supervision and management•▽-□. In the case of emergencies, hospital medical emergency agencies=•, hospital medical emergency institutions and other social medical rescue power participated in medical rescue protection, and should accept the government unified command scheduling=☆◁. On the 27th, the thirty-first meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National Peoples Congress of Beijing passed the decision on the revision of the “Beijing Municipal Institute of Medical First Aid Service Ordinance”▼…●. “Beijing Municipal Institute of Medical First Aid Services Regulations” officially implemented in 2017=☆, providing strengthening the construction of the Beijing-municipal hospital former medical first aid system and urban safety operatio!

China New Home May 28 (Jin Xu Liu Chao) “When I was young, I will travel around the summer vacation and my parents. We will take the train to travel around-•□. It is this experience that makes me have a strong interest in the railway•□. Retracence Summer vacation, I will take a plane from Japan to different cities such as Harbin, Shijiazhuang▪-★○, and then transfer to the train home▲○, and experience the different charm of each railway. =◇★”” China Railway Time Research Association is accepting the Interviewer of China News I said. ▷●■”Love a row of one line” to describe He Wei and then appropriate●□▽. He was born in Osaka●○◇★, Japan in 1991. In 2010, he transferred to Tokyo University to study school◇▷▷▪. After graduation, he made an analyst in a traffic planning Institute. In the ir△▼●■.

Original title: Authoritative release Foreign-funded enterprises set up a business deposit and industrial and commercial registration ▼○▷”one handle” will be pushed throughout the country pectin jelly candy cell free protein synthesis industry△•◆○ collagen hydrolysate hard gelatin capsule filling machine automatic! The State Council Information Office is scheduled to hold the State Council policy paraly 15:00 on Tuesday (Tuesday), and invite the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce and the Deputy Director of the State Market Supervision Administration, Ma Zheng, introduced the establishment of foreign investment enterprises, implementation Business deposits and business registration “one handles■▷=” related work, and answer reporters asked. The real record is as follows: Ms. Yanchun, gentlemen, good morning, welcome to attend the State Council policy routine. Recently, the State Council executive meeting decided to set up a business deposit in the country to establish a business deposit and the business registration “one handle”. In order to help you better understand the relevant situation, we are very happy toda?

Original title: Regarding the special inspection of commercial housing sales order○◁△, various units☆•◆, bureaus of the bureaus, Changan District Housing Guarantee, Housing Authority, Linyi•…★☆, Yanliang…○□▽, Gaoling District Construction and Housing Security Bureau, the planning and construction of Hiyi District And Housing Security Bureau□▲, Lantian, Zhou Zhi County Planning and Construction and Housing Security Bureau: In order to further standardize the sales behavior of commercial housing, purify the real estate market environment▪★▽…, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses◇…▽★, promote the smooth development of the real estate market in our city, according to “Shaanxi Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Notice on Further standardizing the provinces real estate market order work “(Shaanxi Development [2018] No★…. 43) and other documents, according to the study decision, starting from the citys 6 months sales order special inspection work…••■, The relevant matters are hereby notified as follow.