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[vegetable gelatin empty capsules]Author=◆★◇: Zheng Xiaozhen [Pulse] Health aging is not just to maintain the health status of individual elderly, but maintain the health status of life in life. The realization of health aging is a strategic, global comprehensive system engineering, which should fully mobilize government◁□, market, society▲□▼, families, and all parties including individuals, and form a new situation of national participation and active response. The World Health Organizations definition is that in the four aspects of good health, mental health◆◇★○, social adaptation and moral health. The famous Indian economist Sen expanded the concept of health, and proposed to understand health from the perspective of “human feasibility▼•▼▽” and “free viewing development”. In th.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 28 (Gaibing Wang Yin) reporter No. 28-□▷, in Beijing Science and Technology Week, Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd•▪. The center will promote the five-country vaccine joint research and development and testing through the line on the line●-, and the cooperation plant, authorized production, standard mutual recognition. According to the data, Co-Xing Zhongwei has supplied New Zeoguanca Clonford 540 million in nearly 40 countries and regions in China, accounting for about 1/4 of the global supply, and the global vaccination of Nearly 400 million people. Effectively help global epidemic prevention and control. Next, the center will jointly billed the country and more countries◁◁, and countri.

Original title…◇: Liu Jianyang…◆•◆, director of the Nanchang Municipal Committee, served as deputy secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, Nomination Mayors Candidates…▪, held the citys leading cadres meeting, announced the provincial party committees decision on the main responsible comrades of the Nanchang Municipal Government The Provincial Party Committee decided: Liu Jianyang△★★, member of Nanchang Municipal Committee, Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary, nominated to Nanchang Municipal Government Mayor Candidates; Zhou Guo An Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Standing Committee, Committee▼◇, Nominate Nanchang City Government Mayor The appointment of mayor is handled according to relevant legal provisions▪◇. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee☆▷, the Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yin Mengou hosted the meeting, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Director of the Provincial Peoples Congress, Director Gong Shaolin attended the meeting. Zou Shaohui•▼▲, Department of Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of Cadres, announced the decision of the provincial party committee. Source: WeChat blessings.

[I hope that the Japanese politics will not hesitate to toss and do not reverse] Foreign Director Wang Yi: This year is the 40th anniversary of the “Sino-Japan Peaceful Friendship Treaty”, standing in front of the history of the future◁■★☆, we hope that the Japanese will be able to speak credit, action The rules of the opposition, effectively safeguard the political foundation of the relations between the two countries, and the political consensus of “mutual partners and do not constitute a threat” truly implemented. As long as the day does not hesitate, does not toss, not reverse-◇••, objectively treated and agreed to Chinas development, China is willing to move in the Japanese side, and jointly promote the relationship between the two countries to return to health and stable development tracks. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Liu Longlo.

Original title: The 13th National Peoples Congress has voted the decision on the reform programs of the State Council; the eighth round institution reform is open to the institution reform: a profound change of national governance March 13, a citizen uses mobile phone to shoot The house number of the national food bureau. According to the State Council Institutional Reform Plan, the Ministry of State Council will decrease by 8, and the deputy mechanism is reduced by 7. When the news came out, the public came to take photos before the institution of the institution•▲▽▷. This edition photography / Beijing News reporter Zhu Jun On March 13, the public took pictures in front of the National Tourism Administration. On the same day, heard a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress to listen to the instructions on the reform plan for the State Council▲▪. On March 14, 2013, the public took a group photo in front of the railway plaque☆◁◆△. According to the reform and functional transformation of the State Council institutio.