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Gelatin wholesale![peptone for medicine]Original title: What is the results of “a belt all the way” ruleration cooperation international forum? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 3, 2018, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Hou hosted a routine reporter meeting, and there were reporters asked★☆●, July 2nd to 3, -○■▽”a belt all the way” rulezer cooperation international forum in Beijing Hold. Can you tell us about the situation and the main results•★□•? Lu Ming responded that the “One Belt” Rule of Law, which was jointly organized by the China Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Law Society○▪◆■, I just closed this morning, I published a common chairman statement◆◆●, proposing the rule of law on the basis of contending=▼, building●□▪, and sharing principles. Cooperation◁◇, comply with and improve the relevant international rules system, actively prevent and properly solve disputes◁☆, deepen the “all the way” rule of law exchange and cooperation▲◇, and provide more solid legal support for “all the wa▼…★.

Original title●▽: Community: China has sufficient strength to the trade warfare, including the worlds entrepreneurs and scholars from all over the United States•◇○…, in Beijing•◆•▼, Chinas China Development High-rise Forum and Sino-American Tight Tight. Among them, “Nothing is not winner, so it cant be played, the same words apply to trade war” and ◆☆△”embrace open countries will be successful, and it will fail▪★■◁” is the most popular by the media. However, the arrogant US government seems to be unobsive to get wake up. The White House said on the 23rd that the tax on China has begun to achieve, “Many other countries are talking about fair trade.” But we believe that when the Ministry of Commerce is announced on the 301 investigation of 301 US dollars=●, the US will not be so proud. rece.

Original title: Sichuan, a county party party secretary sent five questions: Strictly manage the individual cadres, do not wake up on March 24, Sichuan Nanjiang County 2018 Party Member Cadre warning education conference was held, deputy mayor of the municipal government, county party secretary Liu Kai attended and conducted a centralized warning of the county leading cadres. He emphasized that it is necessary to shout the paralysis of the thoughts, sway the dust on the soul▷■◁, clear the style of the style, and make the political ecology that the creation of the wind is fully hitting the county. County Party Committee, County Peoples Congress, County Government, County Government Leaders, County Peoples Armed Forces, County Court, County Procuratorate Responsible Comrade attended the meeting. This paper comes from Liu Kai, the website of the Chinese Communist Party Commission for Discipline Inspection◁▲▪○, is first settled in the county party cadres on the critical situation of the serious violation of the laws and disciplines in the current individual party member=◇?

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