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[uses of protein in food industry]Part of the National Peoples Congress of Liaoning Province took a group photo in the Great Hall of the People. Reporter Cheng Ding Title: Liaoning Delegation: Northeast Revitalization requires the National Peoples Congress to supervise the Justice Network Beijing March 13 (Reporter Zheng Zhi) ▼■▽○”Strengthening the legislation of key areas, the number, the weight is heavy, the rhythm is fast•★, the effect is good.” On March 12th▪■, the Delegation of Liaoning held a plenary meeting to consider the work report of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. The representative of Hou Houmu Road, Director of the Special Processing Workshop of Shenyang Aerospace, Liaoning Province◇◆, praised the legislative work of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in his speech△◇◇■. ★=”Develop environmental protection tax law■★•◇, modify corporate income tax law, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation, etc△=-◁.◁•=•, revised environmental protection law=▲▼, pollution prevention, food safety law, safety production method, consumer rights protection law▪▽•, etc◆-◁.” H•◆!

China New Jingwei Client May 27th, on the morning of the 27th□◆, the Hengfeng fell slightly▲○★, the highest touched 29157.95 points in the disk, the minimum of 28950.72 points●▪=▪, as of the afternoon closed, the constant finger down 0.3%☆◁▽, report 29078.02 points▷☆; State-owned enterprise index fell 0◆★.41 %, Reported 10810.55 points■=; red-chip index rose 0.1%•◇, reported 4155.18 points; the large market turnover is 92▽◆•-.357 billion Hong Kong dollars. On the surface of the hot plate, the semiconductor, non-alcoholic beverage■△▷, information technology consultant▷★, consumer electronics●•●, steel and other five sectors led, of which 17…▷△▪.39% increased by 17.39% reported in HK $ 0.810 led the semiconductor sector; real estate agent●★=, educatio◁□○.

Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily News (Reporter Zheng Zhuo report) In response to the “East Trunk●-◇★” organization of the United States and Western China and the “East” organization, the so-called British “Uyghur Special Tribunal△◆▷◇” will be carried out in the near future ◇▲▷△”listening” Xinjiang race Ending “Everything May 25-○▼, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the ninth” pseudo court “in Beijing◇△●▲, revealing the ugly face of” Pseudo Tribunal “, and condemned this seriously interference in my country◇▷□★, seriously trampling the international law order . -★◇”An illegal court is to the hearing for a century lie☆○-, it is very absurd. This is the serious trample of international law order◁▼□▷, which is a serious embarrassment of the real racial extinct victi▪○■…. handbook of the physicochemical properties of the elements bloom 200 gelatinGelatin capsule china edible gelatin protein industrially produced!