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Gelatin capsule![bovine serum albumin in collagen peptides]Zhang Yan, male, Han nationality, born in July 1950, Shaanxi Weinan▼•☆, in December 1968◇-◆▪, in May 1969, June 1969 joined the Chinese Communist Party•★, the military academic foundation, college degree. He is currently a member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China●◁-◁, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission◇▷◆, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Peoples Republic of China, 1968 – 1971 Army 14th Army☆☆●, the fourteenth division, nine groups•▪, six even warriors, 1971- 1977, the fourteenth army■▲☆, the fourteentil of the army, one nine group commander was trained in the training stocks from 1977 – 1979 Army 14th Army The forty division, one nine groups, three-year-old○☆▲◁, 1979-1979, the fourteenth army, the fourteentil of the army, the head leader of the military division, the division of the division, the army of the army of 1979-19?

Original title•▽▷◁: Lotte Mart intends to sell more than 50 stores will be fully withdrawn from China bone gelatin fish collagen! Lotte Mart Overseas Network May 11th According to Han Dian, the Korea Lotian Group said on the 11th that the day of Lotte Shop will convene a council, publish the decision of more than 50 stores in East China, Jiangsu, etc., the above store, expected Sell ​​to the Legsu Group in prices 280 billion to 290 billion won (approximately RMB 1.77 billion to 1720 million)●◇▪△. The report said that in the last month, Lotte Mart has sold 21 stores in Beijing to the Maitsu Group in Beijing at the price of 24.85 billion won (about RMB 1.8 billion). With the sale of the store in East China, Lotte Mart will be only 14 stores in Northeast China. According to reports, this family 20?

The law enforcement judicial authorities strengthen the protection of minors and constantly respond to new challenges in practice, solve new problems to childrens more comprehensive rule of law (headlines) This reporter Zhang Wei “Peoples Daily◁●☆■” (2021, 2021) The six-day International Childrens Day is coming★■, the newly revised minor protection law will prevent minors crime will also be implemented on June 1◆▲○★. How to make the minors rights can be found in time, how to resolve the problem of the lack of parental monitoring of left-behind children, how to rectify the network chaos encountered by minors .◇•▽.△■. These social attention is also the justice of minors–☆. The focus of protection. ne fish scale collagen peptide ambar protein industries ltd tradeindia!

Original title: Looking for the temperament and character of “Double First Class” University and Quality of Universities◇○? Since the end of 2015▪▪••, -▪▽◆”Double First Class” has become the biggest proposition faced by people from higher education sectors to think about future development. Under this grand proposition○▽…△, a great university should have any temperament and character, which has become the “must-answer question▪◁” of the university principal. At the representative of the National Peoples Congress▼=, Wang Shu Guo, the principal of Xian Jiaotong University, is the greatness of a university, not just how many papers have been published, and how many scientific research results have been there, and this university has its own connotation and spirit. Wang Shu Guo said: △△★”University is the leader of advanced ideology and social development, should abandon impetuous and eagerness and eagerness▼△▷, and calm the heart to take the initiative to think about the construction of double first class constructio•■?

Original title: In the whole and strict△★■◁, the long-awaited effort△▲…, the long-awaited▽•, the whole-handed parties through long-term ruling capacity construction (governance) Zhao Xiao call the partys 19th National Report in elaborating the general requirements of the new era It is proposed that “to” strengthen the partys long-term ruling capacity construction, advancement and pureness construction as the main line •○”◆◆△▪. From strengthening the construction of ruling capacity to strengthening the construction of long-term governance, we have declared our party not only to be political•◁●, but also to hold a long time. Long-term ruling on the requirements of the partys own capacity is comprehensive○▪…-, standard is strict. Only in full constructing from severely governing the party throughout the long-term governing capacity, in a comprehensive and strict, he is strictly in the hard work. Standard, governing party goa▷….