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[gelitine]Original title◁▲: Please pay attention•◆••! The A-level Wanted Crime of the Ministry of Public Security, and Zhangbei police rewards increased to 200,000 yuan protein bars industry statistics adhesive gelatin! In the early morning of May 31, 2018, the Jikou Village, Dasu Town▪▽●, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, and one person died●■▪. After investigation, I confirmed that Wang Lihui (the Ministry of Public Security A-level wanted criminals) had a major crime. Wang Lihui (alias Wang Hui, Wang Zixing), male, 39 years old☆◁, Han nationality▲-, junior high school culture, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province, 167cm, body high, middle. It is not standard Mandarin●☆, with Henan accent□◆. When the case is time, the beast is hull, and the two are there. There is a shackle. I am in the dark cotton coat, the lower body wear dark blue jeans△▼, my foot wear black leather shoes or white travel shoes●•◆▷, head wear a white duck hat, carry a blue backpack, Entry◆◁▽•, one fortune…▼□○, c.

Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, called. Beijing News Reporter Xue Yu Title: Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, “Strong”, said to stop△▼, on the morning of March 8, Heilongjiang group opened on the opening day◁○=○, an official responded to reporters about the provincial agricultural development plan◆•☆★, rural revitalization strategy When you ask questions, because of the material prepared by a preparation, Zhang Qingwei, who was ☆○”strong■•…▲”, was called by Secretary of Heilongjiang Province, and interrupted twice. For the first time, Zhang Qiwei directly called the name of the official◁◁□■, reminding him to respond to ask questions to short◇◇▼, leaving more times to other reporters who want to ask; Second••, Zhang Qingwei directly with the official◆•, “reporter asked Hey, its straightforward▼=, it doesnt need to say that the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said, and the governor said. Then he screws into the next question◆★●. “This is the case★★○, you.

Original title: US media□■◆…: Chinese tourists last year in Australia consumption of more than 50 billion yuan reference news network on March 15th, the US media said that Chinese tourists are still Australias largest consumer★★○, 2017 Chinese tourists have injected into the countrys economy The record of $ 10▼-□■.4 billion (about RMB 51.7 billion – this net note-□•, the same), an increase of 14% over 2016. According to the US Pengbo News Site□★◇, the fastest travel destination of Australia is a cool island of only 500,000 people – Tasmania, many people have launched here is a backward area. However, this did not prevent international tourists from arriving. According to the report, with tourists in this island located in the southern coast of Australia, 2017 Tourist Touri.

China New Jingwei Client May 27, on Thursday◇▲, the three major index of A shares fell sharply, and the aftershou was slightly rising★◁=△, and the Shanghai finger approached 3,600 points. Semiconductor industry chain rises●◇◁, technology stocks rise, photoresist◁☆◆■, third-generation semiconductor□▽…▲, integrated circuit concept, courses◇●◁, brokerage★◆, white wine rushing; paper, vaccine=◆=★, bank, gold plates weaken▪•-. The Northern Fund is worth 8 billion yuan☆○. Shanghai index chart. Source…□: WIND Assembly, Shanghai index rose 0.18%, reported 3599□….81 points, the turnover is 265.4 billion yuan; the deep interstage rose 0.38%, reported 14849…○•.17 points, the turnover is 316.8 billion yuan; the GEM has indeed 0.50%◆★□◇, the newspaper ?Pectin manufacturer jello collagen content private label collagen,