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Pectin manufacturer![hyperthermophile fussion proteins industry][Global Network Report] The Indian government was defendant. According to Reuters on the 26th, the scholars said that the Facebooks instant messaging software WhatsApp has proposed a legal proceedings on the Moti Government in the Delhi High Court to seek to prevent the new regulations of the data transfer from the previously promulgation★▪△. Investors told Reuters☆▪▼, in India, with nearly 400 million users, WHATSAPP, requested the court to rule, and a series of new regulations previously released by the Indian Constitution, the reason is that new regulations require social media companies must The government requires “information first release source”. Report△☆, although the law requires WhatsApp only needs to provide tru.

Original title: 2018 National Council member Mo Rong: It is recommended to establish an unemployment warning system to Beijing News (Reporter Wang Meng□●, Zhang Wei) Today (March 10), the third chance of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference The Great Hall of the People held, and several members made a conference on multiple issues. In speaking, Mo Rong, a member of the National Committee of China, Vice President of China Labor and Social Security Research Institute▲▷-, recommended to establish an unemployment warning system…★. Mo Rong said that my country has achieved high quality employment◆-★, including four major challenges, including my countrys new jobs in the job market▽-•, maintained around 15 million, and the total employment is not reduced, but due to continuous advancement of technology●☆◆▽, it may cause employment positions in the short term◆◇▲○. Reduce•○…▽; traditional employment services are still relatively lagging behind service concepts, service methods, etc.◁◁◁, lack of solvi.

Original title: Seven Suggestions of Zhongshan Minister, which new wind direction of China and India? On March 26th, the Minister of Commerce▪▼=, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Commerce, Minister India△-•▲, jointly presided over the 11th meeting of the China-Indian Economic and Trade Union Group in New Delhi in India. Zhongshan said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China established the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping as a guiding ideology, identifying a new journey of a new journey in an all-round way to build a new journey of socialist modernization●▪=-. The national “two sessions” ethics have produced a new national leader, and General Secretary Xi Jinping will be selected as the chairman of the President of the State of the Central Military Commission. The meeting passed the important bills such as the Constitutional Amendment to launch the reform of the State Council◁•▷△. According to the 19th National Central Committee, China will promote the formation of a comprehensive opening, in-depth promotion ○★◁”all the wa-◁□●.

Original title: ●◁”Textbook Lao Lai” was sentenced to 8 months of victim son: Dissatisfied from the results: deep reading June 27 morning, Huang Shufen suspected of traffic accident crimes in the Peoples Court of Fengrun District, Tangshan◇▲, Hebei Province King trial○▲•. In court, the court was sentenced, Huang Shufen made a crime of traffic accidents and was sentenced to 8 months in prison. Huang Shufen said that he would appeal◆■◁. The victims son Zhao Yong told the Legal Evening News. On October 6, 2015, Zhao Yongs father Zhao Xiangbin was seriously injured by Huang Shufen. In June 2017, the court sentenced the perpetrators Huang Shufen to compensate 860,000 yuan, and he has always called “giving you money”, but has not shown the sincerity▪=, even screaming ◇☆○△”I am a proble.

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