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[pectin gummy bear]Original title○◆: 2018 National two sessions 90 hot words explained Daquan! Must know what protein is industry relevant Pure collagen taking charge of proteins from neurodegeneration to industrial biotechnology a,! (Worth collecting) is another year. “Quality Revolution”◇•▽◇, “Three Best Battle”…▷◆▽, “Double Creative” upgraded version, “only one door”•●●, “I will run once□☆•” =▼☆★.▽○.…◇◁△. These words, do you know what it means…•? The 2018 “Government Work Report” is interpreted, the Employment Party, and the party and research party are all used. Take a look fish collagen peptide japan! Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Jian▲▪▽.

Original title: “US priority” also must respect the country recently, the US Trump government rang the drum of the China Trade War▪▽☆■. If the personality is astringent, it will drag the Sino-US economic and trade relations and the world trading system, the United States It will also pay the cost for your own reckless▲-▽▼. For more than a year▪-••, Trump took the name “US priority”, but also stunned everywhere at home and abroad, not only aging in the country▲□. It is also a hot medicine flavor. It has repeatedly adjusted foreign policy▲●■▽, including withdrawing crossing the Pacific Partnership Agreement▲•▽▷, Paris Climate Change agreement, UNESCO•●◆, “Immigration Problem Global Contract” development process, etc. Especially in terms of trade policies, the Trump government has continuously adopted protectionist measures, which is frequently pressed to many countries, trying to take over the economic and trade benefits of high pressure. From the interests of the count▲▷•☆.

Original title: China Astronaut Center▲▽▷: Astronauts have fully carried out Space Station Mission Training Equipment Technology WeChat public account reported that the PLA reporter learned from the China Astronaut center that with my countrys manned spaceflight project into the space station-•, aerospace Space station mission training has been fully carried out. On January 3, 2018, Beijing and Space City●△•, astronauts△●▪, daily training. Visual Chinese Data Chart The center deputy chief designer Huang Weifen said◆▲▼, the future space station mission has long been in the rail, normalized outages, space station in rail assembly and maintenance▪=, a large number of scientific tests, etc., to selection training belt to astronaut To make higher challenges, the comprehensive quality and ability of astronauts, etc.△■●, facing this new situation, all astronauts have carried out space station technology▷◆▪△, mechanical ar.

[Union Emergency Management Department] According to the Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the first meeting of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress, the first meeting of the National Peoples Congress, form an emergency management department=-■★. No longer retaining the State Administration of Safety Production Supervision and Administration△▷◆=. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▷◁◆: Chu Xiaoh pectin product!

Original title: Zhang Xiaoyu, secretary of the Party Committee of Jining Municipal Party Committee, was tried: directly or through his wife, March 27, 2018, (Shandong) Heze Intermediate Peoples Court of Heze□★, a trial of the Party School Party Secretary and Executive Vice President Zhang Xiaoyu Bribery case-□. This paper comes from the “Heze Intermediate Peoples Court=○☆” WeChat public number Heze City Peoples Procuratorate Prosecution Allegation▼◆: From 2007 to 2014◇▷, the defendant Zhang Xiaoyu used the deputy secretary-general of the Jining Municipal Peoples Government, the convenience of the CPC Territory County Party Committee In business management▽▲, engineering contracting, position adjustment, project approval, distribution bonus▷=☆, etc▼▷□◇., for others, directly or through his wife and Gao Hao, 29 reviews or illegally accept the property, car, jewelry, camera and other property▲●, tot■▽▽◁.