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[jellatin]Original title▲=: China-US trade friction continues, who is most injured? It is the US President Trump, which is pushed on the 27th. It is being dialogue with many countries on trade issues and said that it will eventually be a “all happy”. On March 8, Triang signed trade memorandum of 25% and 10% on imported steel and aluminum products, respectively. Since then, the United States is constantly giving the “exemption” status, trying to exchange the active concession of other countries in trade negotiations. South Korea agreed to import more US cars on March 26, Beijing□◇◇, cutting its own steel exports▽▷, gaining the exemption of American steel-aluminum tariffs. Local Time March 22=●◆◆, 2018, US President Trump signed a presidential memorandum in Washington▪…△. And Trump signed on March 23, Beijin.

Original title: Tiangong No.1 has resembles the atmosphere to enter the area in the South Pacific Central Regional Beijing News (Reporter Ni Wei) According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Beijing Space Flight Control Center and the relevant agency monitoring analysis, 4 At about 8▷…◆◆:15 on the 2nd, the Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft has returned to the atmosphere-•, and then the zone is located in the central region of the South Pacific. Most of the devices is destroyed in the process of incorporating the atmosphere○★★. According to the official website of the China Manned Space Project◁…△●, the spacecraft running on the near-territorial track of the Earths surface 300km-1000km=★•, after completing its own mission or scrap failure…●▼, it will leave the running track and finally enter the atmosphere. Most of the spacecraft have been burned in front of the ground, only a small amount of difficulty ablation may resid.

Reuters reporter▷•: The first question, Chinas electric car has developed rapidly, but recently encountered some resistance about car manufacturers and consumers, because consumers are difficult to accept this driving mode, so I want to know the Ministry of Science and Technology Will it take corresponding measures to help consumers and all walks of life receive electric vehicles◆△▼? The second question, US entrepreneur Mask made public to the US President Trump yesterday, I hope that the US president can focus on the issue of trade imbalance between China and the United States due to electric vehicles and related fields, I would like to ask about this issue How to see▷=▪? Thank you◆-●. Wan Steel: I have been aware of Mask. I remember that in the beginning of 2008☆☆, his company just gulmed, I used to drive the first electric car developed at the tim◇•! gelatin used for what is gelatin made of horse hoovesGelatin capsule is jello acidic or alkaline protein engineering applications of industrially exploitable enzymes!