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Gelatin wholesale![https www grandviewresearch com industry analysis protein supplements market]Original title: Gui Jian Ambassador, the Swedish Police, the Swedish “Express” reporter interviewed on September 17, and the Ambassador, Gui, from the Swedish police rudely treated Chinese tourists to accept the Swedish “Express” reporter Lalun. Interview★••. The full text is as follows: Gui Ambassador said that I accepted the interview with your □▲-□”Evening News” yesterday. I said it said•□★◁. Since you also put forward it to interview me, I can only agree=◇☆. First, I will reveal a new situation to you. At noon today, three Chinese tourists were seen by the Swedish police, the head of the police station, the head of the police station, met my colleague. He confirmed to my colleague■☆. These three Chinese tourists did not violate Swedish laws. At the same time, he also said that the Swedish police did not violate the Swedish law. We dont understand this statement of the Swedish police▷◆. First▷▽, th.

Original title: Shaanxi agreed to set up Tongchuan, Hancheng, Shanyang 3 provincial high-tech zone on April 2, the governor Liu Guozhong hosted the third executive meeting of the provincial government to study urban management comprehensive law enforcement, provincial high-tech zone construction, Provincial state-owned capital business budget management, provincial cultural advanced county selection review, cultural relics protection and other work. The meeting reviewed the “Shaanxi Provincial Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Ordinance (Draft)▲▷-☆”. The draft has made a norm on law enforcement authority and scope○★=◇, law enforcement norms, law enforcement collaboration▷-▽, and law enforcement supervision. The meeting emphasized that in accordance with the reform requirements of the party and the national institutions and the deployment of the provincial party committee, adhere to the principle of people-oriented, legal governance, source governance, the principle of consistency=◇◁, and further standardize the comprehensive law enforcement behavior▪▪–, and improve the urban public service level in our province. The meeting decided to draft the draft to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress to consider. meeti.

Original title: (Environment) Henan Zhenping County strict Zhaohe pollution incident responsible People Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou August 4th (Reporter Niu Shaojie) reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Zhenping County Committee, Henan Province▼•★, in the near future After that●▷, the local government has given a punishment of the responsible subject and the relevant responsible person●▽◁•. The peoples government of the town is notified that the sewage treatment center of the responsible subject is 500,000 yuan▲▼, and the case is transferred to the public security organ. The public security organs conduct investigative and deal with managers who have direct responsible, and give administrative detention 7 days penalties. The Zhenping County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Supervision Committee accountable for the relevant responsible persons. The person in charge of the Sewage Treatment Center of the town is given a serious warning place within the party; the leaders of the county construction bureau have the administrative responsibility of the management responsibility to the partys warning▼…▼○, and the director of the County Construction Bure.

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) China-Myanmar border Yunnan Ruili will carry out the nature of all nuclear sieve testing in China▷●◇◆, Kunming○◇, May 27th (Han Shuai South) Yunnan Province Ruili New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters on the 27th announced, In order to maintain the failure of the epidemic prevention and control▼▼★, further strengthen the normalization of the epidemic, and the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters decided to carry out normally all-round nucleic acid screening inspection. According to the announcement, the main urban sampling time is from May 29 to 30, 2021, and the townships and farm sampling time are May 31, 2021▽■. The sampling range of the main city includes☆▼•: Sister Guardian Community; Yuxi Town Friendship Community◆▷-, Sichuan Communit.

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