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[bovine gelatin capsules]Original title: The new party went to the land committee to protest: should be renamed ▪★□○”Cross-Strait Universal Committee” Review Agency reported on August 6th▲★☆▷, the mains of the Taiwan authorities have been the East Asian Youth Games, and the Golden Gate County Government is required to stop the two-strait waterway ceremony. Disagree with the deputy magistrate Wu Mingdu and Senior Weng Posa to Quanzhou to participate in the water ceremony. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others◁◆, beforewards to the Main Constitution, the land committee is called ▷◇★”Mainland Affairs Committee”, but the three-strait exchange will be called “two sides of the Strait■=”. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others led more than ten new party members to protest in front of the joint office building where the land committee is located, and everyone shouted, the main committee of the main committee of the Main Committee, “named Mingtong, the Tongtong; Dont pass▪=, you have to be new three links◆•; a branch of the strait, crea=◇★.

Original title▷▼: Industrial and commercial, quality inspection, food and drug supervision •◇”more” experts: conducive to reducing coordination costs to improve the supervision efficiency Policity New Beijing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) Today (March 13), the 13th National Peoples Congress A meeting held the fourth plenary meeting◆▼▷▪, listening to the statement of the State Council Wang Yongs instructions on the State Council Reform Plan. According to the program, the General Administration of Market Supervision Administration will not retain the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Food and Drug Administration. Wang Yong mentioned that the reform market supervision system, implemented a unified market supervision, is a key link to establish a unified open competition in an orderly-order modern market system. According to the plan◁◇…▷, the responsibilities of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce•●■, the State Administration of Quality Supervision=▼, Inspection and Quaranti▽••▷.

Xinhua News Agency, March 2, the Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Secretary of the Central Committee-★●, presided over the plenary meeting of the Central Political and Legal Committee on the 2nd, and conveyed the important speech and plenary spirit of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee▷☆△. Research and implementation. The meeting believes that the General Secretary Xi Jinping took the work report on the Plenary Session▪★, the system summed up the Partys 19th National Plenary Session, the Central Political Bureau united to lead the people of all ethnic groups in the whole country……☆, promote the new achievements of the party and national undertakings. A series of major decision-making deployments made in the plenary session is of great significance for promoting the long-term development of party and national undertakings☆◁. The meeting pointed out that deepening the reform of the party and national institutions is a deep change in the modernization of national governance systems and governance. Political and legal organs must go deep into the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping on D▲△!

Original title▲▼□: This influence report, finally letting a official micro-issued article On July 23, the Internet drama “Route” female director Lin Shuzhen said that he was suspected to be invasive by Haihang Airlines. On the 24th, the official microblogging of Haikou City Public Security Bureau, Haikou City, Haikou City, China. At present, criminal suspects have been criminally detained by the police in a white (male▲▪▲, 27 years old□◁=, Hebei, HNA). Last night (July 23) 10 oclock, the famous screenwriter Song Fangjin forwarded the …▼★○”Route” director Lin Shuzhen in his Weibo, and broke the newspaper that Haihangs white surname is intended to be invasive in the hotel. On July 23, the “Route▽◇” female director Lin Shuzhen▷★▲, said that he is suspected of being hitting Haihang plan.

Original title: National Post Office••: In February, the effective express complaints 13432 pieces involved 43 enterprises Peoples Network Beijing on March 21 (Reporter Sun Bo Yang) On the 21st, the State Post Bureau released the postal consumer complaint in February 2018▷★◇. The situation shows that in February, the State Post Bureau and provincial (districts, municipal) Postal Administration passed the “12305” postal industry consumer complaints and complaints, including 183,258 pieces of consumers=-■, including 174055 pieces of express service issues▼▽, accounting for total 95.0% of the number of appeals. The State Post Bureau issued the situation showed that in February 2018, the State Post Bureau and the provincial (district, municipal) Postal Administration adopted the “12305” postal industry consumer complaints and complaints website to accept consumers. 183. collagen used in candy and cosmetics protein in food industryPectin manufacturer ankur protein industries ltd share price collagen gummies vitamin,