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[china edible gelatin sheet]Xinhua News Agency Jiuquan March 17 (Li Guoli, Li Human) At 15▽☆:10 on the 17th, my country used the Long March 2 Ding Ding…★=, and successfully launched the Land Exploration Satellite No. 4. The launch task has been a complete success. It is understood that this star is mainly used to carry out remote sensing investments of land resources. This task is the 268th flight of the Long March series launch rocket. Editor in charge△=▷: Zhang Jian☆▪.

Original title-•▷△: Li Xianghua•-□, deputy commander of the original Navy Donghai Fleet, died in Ningbo, enjoy the 73-year-old Military Region○★, the military retirement cadres, the original Navy Donghai Fleet Deputy commander Li Xianghua Comrade Li Xianghua, due to the disease on February 1…■, 2018 in Ningbo Due to the age of 73. Li Xianghua, China, Jiangsu Fengxian, born in July 1945, enlisted in September 1968, January 1966•▷▪…, China Join the Communist Party. He has served as the staff of Xiamen Water Police District◁…, deputy commander, minister☆■-, minister, Zhoushan base, deputy commander▷△-◁, deputy commander of the Zhoushan Base, deputy commander of the Fuzhou Base. Source■••: Liberation Army News Editor: Zhang ?

Original title•●◆: Liu Shiyu led the team▼★☆, the depth level is the host, why do the SFC pay attention to this? This morning◁◇◆●, Shanghai International Energy Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Deluxe” in Shanghai International Energy Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Trading Center●•”). Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, Liu Shi, Vice President Jiang Yang, Vice President Fangxinghai came to the scene◁□, only officially listed on the trading center for China crude oil futures. The Shenghai, who was in charge of the Securities Regulatory Commission▽△=▼, personally took the host of the listing ceremony, and Liu Shiyu said in a speech▲▷: “China crude oil futures are prepared today, after 17 years. We will remember to continue in 17 years. Care and expectation=■. =▪”In 17 years of preparation□◇, 17 years of effort, Chinas crude oil futures is more important?

Original title◁☆: Another important identity of Liu He: China-US comprehensive economic dialogue Chinese leader Central Political Bureau member, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council▲★, Director of the Sino-US Department of China, China and the United States and the comprehensive economic dialogue Chinese leader Liu He. Zhao Wei, Zhao Wei▷…▽•, reported that the Xinhua News Agency reported that on the morning of March 24th, the Political Bureau of the Political Bureau, the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council△◁, Director of the Sino-US Department of China★□…▷, China and the United States, China and the United States. Liu He said that the US recently announced 301 investigation reports, violating international trade rules, which is not conducive to the interests of China, which is not conducive to the US interests▪☆▼, which is not conducive to global interests■▽△. China has been prepared■□●, and has the strength to defend national interests, hoping that both parties will maintain rationality□…◁, joint efforts, and maintain the overall stable overall situation of China and the United States economic and trade relations◇◆…▲. Both parties agree to continue to keep th.

Original title●◁: Retreating the most strong policewoman Jiang Min, who returned to the original place▼■, at 6:20 on April 18th, and Jiang Min rushed to the kindergarten after get off work, ready to pick up his son-…○. Faded in a police uniform, Jiang Min, a black dress, smashed. Standing outside the classroom, she hooked back, looking for her son through the glass door■☆▲◆, the eyes were gentle▼■. Jiang Min accompanied his son to the park to play. After receiving his son, the mother and son held his home●▼▽◁. Next to the cutting museum…■, before the newspapers, the son is stationed, Jiang Min also stops; after the traffic junction•▷, she tight the little hand of the palm of your heart, speed up the footsteps. 20 minutes home, the two have walked countless times, but there is always a landscape that cant finish▷▽◇-. =☆■▼”He likes me to pick up her, I heard his voice, the troubles of a day are gone.” “We are accompanying each other△●.About Us!

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