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[high quality collagen]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 58 Group CEO Yao Jinbo△□•: It is recommended to standardize the rental market to ensure that the “Rent” has a new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiaolan) The first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will be on March 5◁○▷. Opened in Beijing★…-◆. The National Peoples Congress representative, 58 Group CEO Yao Jinwei, submitted the “Regulation of the Rental Market and Guarantee” Remittance ■▷”…▷. Yao Jinbo analysis, the 19th National Report proposed •▪☆”Let the People living” housing security objectives◇◁, give the goal of “Accelerating the establishment of multi-subject supply, multi-channel security▼▷, rent-buying housing system”, fully display The state has to accelerate the development of the rental market, improve the lease market policy environment, and let the people live in the determination and will of life▼▪□…. Released from 20▽▷!

Original title★△: How to evaluate Lin Hu General? This seven hundred words•▷★=, won countless users what does bovine collagen peptides do peptide fish collagen high protein beer industry reports! The general is going all the way porcine collagen peptide! On the evening of March 3, the original deputy commander of the Air Force will die in Lin Hu, the age of 91, knowing that someone asked•-▷▲, how to evaluate Lin Hu General-△▷, this is a netizen @ 进 的 爸 爸 的 回•◆, has been five in hours Thousands of praises. He is a peasant who is in the sanctuary, and fuck should be a white-Russian woman who is falling into China. This family portfolio itself is a sad story. After the parents were double, the brothers and sisters were dead, one person was sick, and one was scattered. He was also adopted, and it was very bad. I was forced to run out as eight roads 11 years old□◁★. What about those who blow people in the Republic of China? A orphan with foreign blood can drive off-the-air force at the PLA, indicating that the army is open to civilians in that yea★◇▷◆.

Vehicles and trajectory operation and maintenance insufficient operation management capabilities to improve sustainable development face “Internal Outbreak” center urban intensive announcement of public bicycles to curtain Recently☆□☆, public bicycles were stopped in Beijing Central City, Inner Mongolia■☆●▲, Hohhot=△●○, etc., before Wuhan, Guangzhou-=…■, etc.▷▼◇◆, also announced the shutdown of vehicles▷■▷◇. From a car, it is hard to ask for low-key departure▽•, what happened to public bicycles? What kind of inspiration is left to us? Multi-public bicycle stopped in the red white, with the certificate to run the card, through the fixed car pile storage … Development in the past 10 years, the city has nearly 120▼■•,000 units, the number of outlets is nearly 4,000, the user exceeds 1 million Peoples Beijing public bicycle is out of public visio.Contacts,