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Gelatin capsule.[gelatina alimentara]Original title: The Liberation Army Taihai Shooting At the same time, two 6K bombers flying on the 18th, the Peoples Liberation Army took a 6K bomber through the Palace of Ancient Straits into the Pacific Ocean. (Zunyuan: Taime Med Medal) Overseas Network April 18 On April 18, the mainland is on the Taiwan Strait, that is, Fujian Quanzhou House held a fire shooting military exercise, only more than 60 kilometers from Jinmen=●, which triggered international attention◇•▷▼. On the other hand•□, according to Taiwanese media reports, the PLA 2 bombers through the Temple Channel in the afternoon, and Taiwan and Japan sent a warboard to •□”monitor◆…”. Comprehensive Hong Kong Dongwang and many Taiwan media reports•…, the Taiwan defense department issued a news that the PLA 2 bombarded 6K strategic bombers flewer in the palace of the Palace in the afternoon of the 18th, entered the Western Pacific-•◁★, and then returned to the station by the Bus Stra■■◁.

The Ministry of Transport is published today (27th), in the past year, the China Maritime Search and Help Center gives full play to the national maritime search and rescue and major maritime oil spill emergency departmental joint meeting system advantages, and strives to do a good job in emergency response work. The total annual organization coordinated the search and rescue operation of 1758, successfully rescued 1110 dangerous ships in China and foreign countries○…◇•, 10▲□○▽,834 Chinese and foreign distressed personnel, search and rescue success rate of 95□★△□.8%. In order to encourage social search and rescue power to participate in maritime search and rescue operations◆◁•, the China Maritime Search and Rescue Center organizes experts to review 35 provincial selection and rescue applications recommended by the provincial sea search and rescue institutions△●◁. The results of the review have passed the Ministry of Transport at the end of Apri•◁.

[Struggle 100-year road to settle new journey · Civilized City Spectrum] Shaanxi Yanan▪▲: Putting Red Culture into Urban Civilization Construction “Previously Buy Cuisine to buy in the supermarket or market. Now in the residential area, the fruit and vegetables are unreslusive. Fresh cabinets can be bought directly. ●☆▲◆”Yan Qing, Hao Qing, said. It is benefited from the old community renovation project implemented by Yanan City=▷☆. The 99-year-old retired teacher Hao Qingyin has not only installed a new elevator□▷, but also the various new facilities that make everyone enjoy the convenience of intelligence. In the past few years, after the new round of crew work, Yanan City has launched 218 old community renovation, 43 garbage sorting pilots, new and re-expanded primary and secondary schools, 115 kindergart.

Original title◁▷=▼: •▪○”China Core” is from the United States, cant you do it? ZTE was punished☆=★, countless problems. Why did you give a shot in this years penalty last year◇=? China ▼▷”Core” is from the United States, cant you do it? Can Chinas “core=○▲▼” can be used in other areas? The answer to the first question is obvious; the answer to the second question is insightful△◆•, although there is a certain gap with the United States, but it is undeniable that Chinas innovation is pioneering, a big step; the answer to the third question Borrowed the Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Han Yinhe, director of the control calculation laboratory…○◆★, Han Yin and a sentence of Han Yinhe, for China=…■■, as important as the semiconductor chip field is the neural network processing chip, China should establish their own advantages in this area☆◇•. School layo.

Original title: Chanmen students 707 points to admission into Northern University, the poverty behind it is not worthy of gratitude to affirm the struggle of a family poverty▼-■•, but if the public opinion will take the opportunity to take the poor state as a chicken soup■▲, then the value and meaning of the case are biased. ▲ Source=□▽◁: “He Qing Parents will” public text Liang Xin “poverty brings far more than pain, struggle and confused. Despite it narrow my vision, stabbed my self-esteem, even indirectly took away the pro Life△□▪▲, but I still want to say, thank you, poverty▷-◇. △■=★”Recently▷…☆•, an 18-year-old girl on himself, about poverty, and article on hope, the strong repercussions of netizens.” This girl is called Wang Xinyi, just achieved 707 points in the college entrance examination, and was admitted by Peking University Chinese. High school students in a family have such recogniti?