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Contacts.[gelatinous sweets]Original title: For the construction of beautiful China Tsing Co-roots (Green Home), Zhao Bo Jia, on March 11th, and the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting vote through the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China•▽★-. Adjusting the overall layout of the Chinese characteristics and the second hundred years of struggle, increasing the content of the construction of ecological civilization and beauty△▪▼☆, is a highlight highlight in this constitutional amendment. “Ecological Civilization”, “Ecological Civilization”●…▪, “Enriching the Democratic Civilization and Beautiful Socialist Modern Strong State”, “Promoting Construction of Human Destinum Community”◆▪, is written to the Constitution (hereinafter referred to as “Ecological Civilization”)◁•▽•. What does these modifications for the Constitution mean? What changes will be brought to the ecological environment around us? Our reporter has recently interviewed the person in charge of the relevant department.

Original title◇◇: How to deal with textbook “Lao Lai○▲”-…▷▽? The National Development and Reform Commission gave four response to Changanjun (ID: Changan-j): Today, 10:00 am-▼-, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a reporter meeting in the Multi-Film Metacity Office, inviting national development and Zhang Yong▲==, the Lord of the Reform Commission, Zhang Yong, deputy director, Ningji, who responded to China and foreign reporters on ★◁△”innovation and improvement of macroeconomic regulation, promoting high quality development”. When answering the credit system construction problem▷☆•★, Zhang Yong deputy director said that it will increase the integration of joint rewards and punishments, so that the uninpair is disciplinary, and the truster gains incentives. Q: We noticed that the entire society is still relatively outstanding in the problem of deflation△•-◁, such as “Lao Lai” in the textbook in some place…▽!

Original title: The most important reason for the secret of the continued high growth in the first-tier cities lies in that innovation drivers are becoming the main starting of the urban economic transformation and new and old kinetic energy conversion. ▲ Beijing. Image Source: Visual Chinese Wen Xie Rongbing Recently, the economies of the cities have been released. From the perspective of data△○, Chinas urban economic development presents three-pointer differentiation, and in the north△…=○, the new economy relies on new economies and other innovation★••◇, still continues to rise; high-speed rail irons suction effect leads to the advantages of strong second-tier cities=☆, the first level is strengthened●▼; The third line and the following cities are severe and the gap is large. Unlike last year, the data in a first-tier city is very bright◆▷▪. Public data shows that in the first half of 2018▷▲, GDP in Shanghai, Beijing▼-…, Shenzhen and Guangzhou is: 15558.◁□▪●.

Zhongxin Net Kunming May 27 (Hu Yuanhang Fenghu) △▲”In recent years, the quality of air quality in the main city of Kunming has continued to maintain more than 98%, and the top five in the national capital city will reach 100% in 2020…△○. In 2013, it is best to level in the implementation of national air quality. “This is the news that the reporter celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party in Yunnan Province on the 27th. The Communist Party of China, the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Communist Party of China▽▪◇●, the Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Yunzhong New District, said that the green is both the background color of Kunming, is also the greatest advantage. Kunming practice “green water Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan”, vigorously promoting gre.

Original title: Hao Bolin, the Chinese Academy of Sciences……, died, once said ▷…★★”Physics is a culture•◆▼” Party member, academician◇▽▼■, famous Chinese Academy of Sciences▲…▲, famous theoretical physics, my countrys statistics□●=, physical, nonlinear science and bioinformatics Professor, Director, Fudan University Theory, Department of Physics▲▲◁, Mr. Hao Berlin●☆…, Ph…○▼.D., Mr. Hao Berlin, is invalid▷□▲▷, on March 7th•○●□, at 16□◁…▲:39, in Beijing○◆, at the age of 83. [Mr. Hao Berlins personal experience] Mr•☆△. Hao Berlin▲△☆■, the ancestral home, Hebei, born in Beijing in June 1934. In September 1952◇▽●☆, he joined the Communist Party of China▷○◁. From September 1954 – August 1956▷□, he studied at the University of Engineering and Economics, Soviet University▲□. September 1956 – 1959 3◇★▼.5 chameleon handbook pectin extract ae proteina industries inc jobstreet marine collagen vs bovine collagen peptides!