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[alr industries protein]Original title■○□◆: Interview with Former Ministry of Commerce: This is the first true Sino-US trade war battle in 40 years [Abstract] On April 4th, the US government issued a list of goods for the adverse tariffs of 301 investigations, will Chinas 1333 US $ 50 billion in 1,500 billion dollars in the United States increased by 25%. Times Weekly Reporter Yao Jiaying has published from Trump from Trump, and has announced the results of Chinas 301 survey•■★. China-US trade war has been upgraded in the past week. On 4, the US government issued a product of 301 investigations★●. List, will have a total of 25% of $ 50 billion in 1033 billion items in China to export in China; on the same day, China has made counterattacks-◆, indicating 14 categories of soybeans, cars, chemicals, such as the United State◇▪…▼.

China News Agency▲▼•, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Summer) National Foreign Exchange Market Self-discipline Mechanism Seventh Work Conference held in Beijing on the 27th, the meeting emphasized that companies and financial institutions should actively adapt to the state of exchange rate bidirectional fluctuations. Enterprises must focus on the main business, establish a “risk neutral” concept, avoid deviation from the risk neutral “fried” behavior, do not gamble the RMB exchange rate appreciation or depreciation▲◁-, long gambling must be lost. The meeting believed that the current foreign exchange market overall balance. In the future, there are many market factors and policy factors affecting exchange rates, and the renminbi may appreciate, or may depreciate. No one can accurately predict the exchange rate trend■◆•-. Whether it is short-term or medium and long, exchange rate is not necessarily inevitable•▽○, two-way fluctuations are norm○■▷.

Original title: Anhui Wuhu Xuancheng Airport is approved, positioned as domestic branch airport data map”Approval of the overall plan of Wuhu Xuancheng Airport”□▪, formally agree “Wuhu Xuancheng Airport overall planning. According to the approval□-▷, Wuhu Xuancheng Airport recent planning target is 2025, and the long-term planning goal is 2045. Recently, the passenger throughput was 1.2 million passengers▼■□•, and the annual shipping throughput was 10,000 tons•▽•▲. The annual transport plane took 12△◆▲,2245, and the navigation plane took 10,000 sets. For the long-term passenger throughput of 4.3 million passengers, the annual shipping throughput of 70,000 tons, the annual transport plane took 380○=▲…,50, and the navigation plane took the 200,000 programming. Planning to position the Wuhu Xuancheng Airport as a domestic branch li.