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[chemicals glue gelatin]Original title: front high energy! What kind of ○=”The Future New City” “Central Enterprise” “Central Enterprise Street” is a large-scale gathering, a large number of dreamers waiting for the opportunity. On April 1 year ago▷•, when the news set up in Xionganfu District, the domestic sensation and international shock•=▲. Next, under the worlds attention, Xiongan New District has begun to preparatory and build a busy busy. Xiongan New District is known as “Millennium Month, National Matters”, and its construction adheres to the ○■”World Vision, International Standard■▲, Chinese Characteristics, High Position” concept▼•, so it has a unusual charm from the beginning, attracting the country and even The worlds best enterprise, but the latter is not only for opportunities, but also contributes wisdom for this new city▷◇▷◆. Now in the past, what change happened on this land? This “Cit.

Original title: Yang Chicang, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport: The speed of “super high-speed rail” is not the unreachable dream Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Chinas high-speed rail ◁★▽”revival◆▷○…” started last year, not only improved railway transport Self-technical capabilities▽•★●, also become “business cards” in China. Yang Chicang=□, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, revealed in the serving Chaoguang program, and will further strengthen the technological innovation of high-speed rail technology in the future, and the speed of “super high-speed rail” is not a distant dream. Yang Chicang introduced that the revival has independent intellectual property rights and technology has reached the worlds advanced level-□▪. Running up to 350 kilometers per hour, and the speed of actual operation in the world is the fastest○◆▷●. Chinas high-speed rail has not only provided a faster, mo china powdered gelatine Pure collagen,!

Original title: Social Sciences expects GDP growth of 6.9% in the first half of the year, Liu Qing this year•☆■, “Government Work Report”, 2018, the main expectation of the development is “6.5% in China.” The Financial Strategy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences expects that the growth of GDP growth in the first half of this year will be around 6.9%, and the annual growth target is not issued△▷▲★. The “NAES Macroeconomic Situation Quarter Analysis]” NAES Macroeconomic Situation Quarter Analysis “(Juita 2018)=…▲” is held in Beijing. According to the National Institute of Financial Strategy▲▷•, the 2017 economic growth is driven by the supply side reform, real estate investment, infrastructure investment, net export improvement◇▷▼◆, etc., these factors in 20 leaf gelatin to powder conversion chicken or bovine collagen type ii gelatine capsule filler!