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[punit proteins private limited industrial area padra gujarat]China New Network reported on the British “Financial Times” on the 27th that the EU has requested the court to order Aslikang to pay the potential of hundreds of billion in the damages, if the company fails to increase its later in June New crown vaccine delivery◇□★. According to a report, a lawyer in the EU told Brussels on the 26th, if the company fails to supply additional 20 million vaccines before the end of June, the European Commission requested the company to pay 10 euros per dosage. This requirement is part of the lawsuit initiated by the European Commission, forcing Aslikang to deliver 90 million vaccines in the second quarter of this year, not currently 70 milli▼=◆.

Original title•▷★◇: The new party went to the land committee to protest□•: should be renamed △▲△”Cross-Strait Universal Committee” Review Agency reported on August 6th◆★, the mains of the Taiwan authorities have been the East Asian Youth Games▷■, and the Golden Gate County Government is required to stop the two-strait waterway ceremony. Disagree with the deputy magistrate Wu Mingdu and Senior Weng Posa to Quanzhou to participate in the water ceremony. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others, beforewards to the Main Constitution-◇, the land committee is called “Mainland Affairs Committee◁▼”, but the three-strait exchange will be called “two sides of the Strait”. The New Party Youth Military Forest Mingzheng and Su Heng and others led more than ten new party members to protest in front of the joint office building where the land committee is located, and everyone shouted…☆☆○, the main committee of the main committee of the Main Committee▷◇=□, △■▪☆”named Mingtong=○▲, the Tongtong; Dont pass, you have to be new three links▽•; a branch of the strait, crea.

Original title: This afternoon has been blocked in advance•-, “May 1▲△★…” returns to Beijing, and the Raiders know that Jun has learned from the municipal transportation department that it is expected to start from tomorrow morning, and major highways will usher in the ▷=▷”May 1″ holiday return to Beijing peak. From today (April 30), many highways such as Beijing Tibet=▽, Jingcheng, Beijing and Hong Kong and Macao will open congestion mode in advance◆•, and the route of vehicles can choose to bypass in advance. Tomorrow (May 1st) The return traffic will be the most focused on other free holidays=○▼, ◆▷□”May 1″ holiday traffic mainly based on short-distance travel-○, and traffic is easy to have a congestion◁○…. According to the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, this years ●◆•”May 1″ holiday returned to the Beijing peak or will have a holiday half of the holiday. It is expected that the high-speed return direction will appear in the high-speed return direction at the afternoon of April 30 and May !

Original title☆■: The Great Britain Committee proposes to be set up on September 8 to ■○”Entrepreneurship Day”, and promote entrepreneurial spirit This year is the 40th anniversary of my countrys reform and opening up. Reform and entrepreneurs have also become a high-frequency word that appears on the national two sessions in 2018. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China and Commercial President of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, president of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, made a recommendation on the establishment of “Entrepreneurship” at the first meeting of the 13th National Committee of China. The Great Britain Recommended on September 8 as the national “entrepreneurial day”, and held related topics activities in the annual ▽▪☆”Entrepreneur Day”●◁. The grinding, thinking that September 8 is a great days, because September 8, 2017, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council officially introduced -★”about the healthy growth environment of entrepreneurs to promote excellent entrepreneu ae proteina industries inc rosario batangas protein engineering applications of industrially exploitable enzymes!

Original title: Heilongjiang Tiger Lin responded to clearing 112-▪■…,000 mu of cultivated land to citious▲◁●: publicity launches: Chinas voice According to China Voice ▼◁▼”News••” report: Recently▪□, Tiger forest☆▽▪★, Heilongjiang Province, 11▼◇▷.2 million mu of cultivated land by collective returns Some villagers have been cultivated by land for more than 30 years▽◆▲, and the local state-owned land collection actions are not recognized, not understood◆=. In this regard, China Vocal Voice reporter follows up◇◆, the survey found that the contradictions involved behind this incident have been more than a year, but due to the personal interests of the peasants, it is complex, and local in the process of promoting this work▼■▼▼, ready is not sufficient. In addition, lack of promotional guidance▲◁○, leading to the advancement of the promotion of the actions to passively●▪…▷. Two villagers suspected of illegal occupation of farmland by criminal detention in mid-February this year…★◇, Tiger Lin City launched the national land collection wo korea collagen Pectin manufacturer. ankur protein industries ltd changodar!