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[drinking collagen]China News Agency, May 26 (Cai Minyi, He Junjie), Guangzhou•☆, 2016•■◆, 2016 new◁•, new coronary pneumonia confirmed cases and 2 cases of asymptomatic infections, and multi-populated vaccination only accept network reservations●△☆. According to the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Guangzhou City, I will report 2 cases of confirmed cases and 1 case of no symptom infection on May 25th to 26th. Live)▪△, now it has been transferred to the isolation treatment of the Eighth Peoples Hospital of Guangzhou. Among them, the 74-year-old female Songmou, on May 19th, another Tea (Zhongshan Qi Road) (Zhongshan Qi Road) in Kang Wangzhong Road (Zhongshan Qi Road), Dining in the restaurant). Guangzhou citize□■.

Original title: Mianyang Yanting County, a party member illegally opened casino was expelled from party cover newsletter Temporary reporter Chen Jing on March 2, cover news reporter learned that Mianyang Yanying County Commission for Discipline Inspection is about violating national laws and regulations The specified typical case, a party member is expelled from the party. Liu Minjun◁–…, Yunxi Town◁◁★▲, Yanying County, opened a casino problem. In August 2014, Liu Min took advantage of the gambling machine set by the country to provide gambling places and conditions for others••▽. On December 1▽▪◁, 2014, he was seized by Fengling Police Station of Yanting County Public Security Bureau. In February 2015▲▽, Liu Min once again opened a casino▽★. On March 8-•◁-, 2015, the gambling dens was seized by Fengling Police. On July 7, 2016, Yanting County Peoples Court sentenced Liu Min in prison to open a casi!

Original title□-▷: China Democratic Promotion Association: Peoples Congress is not called the DPP, there is no emblem CCTV 315 party, etc., all exposed many consumption traps, and wake up for consumers, export! In the work, Xiao Yan often received such a crying △■…◇”fake information•■★” – fierce looks like there is no problem○▪▲, I will see if I look at it which is better collagen or gelatin! Little friends, the people are really not called the DPP is gelatin made from horse hooves•●! On March 6th, at the first reporter meeting held at the 13th Session of the CPPCC, the Chairman of the Peoples Central Committee mentioned that the full name of the people is China Democratic Promotion Association•☆-★. The people of the people are very “inseparable▲□▼” as “the people•◁” as a “Ministry of the People◆○▷…”, and it is more unhappy to mix the peoples peoples peoples peoples people to talk about, because the differences have essentially halal animal glue! Now, it is time to correct, declare, smoo leaf gelatin manufacturer!

Original title: “The serious damage to the global free trade system” – International public opinion criticized the United States unilaterally provoked trade disputes in China and the United States and two profits, fighting. After the US President Turpsen, the people from all walks of life in many countries in many countries in the world have expressed concerns about China-US trade friction and upgrading. They believe that the US government is stimulating a global trade war▷…▼■. This has made great damage to the global free trade system. The United States should abandon my behavior of my life, and China has developed a broader economic and trade mutually beneficial cooperation space. “The trade deficit is normal-•▲▼, you need to solve in the existing international rule system” “The US government puts international rules as children, fundamentally harms the US political credit, and shakes the United States international status.” Fran●•☆▽ Gelatin wholesale.!