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[gelatin 180 bloom]Original title: The worlds longest Binhai Highway is fully open for 2020: will be connected in series in Guangdong●▷▼, 1875 kilometers, the longest world, connect 14 land, 38 counties (districts), 164 towns (streets), 15 industrial parks, 20 coastal new districts★□△…, serial 7 Binhai Tourism Groups, radiant 72 A-class coastal tourism scenic spots ..…-□▼. This series of bright numbers★■■▷, from the reporter recently learned from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Transport “Guangdong Binhai Tourism Highway Planning (hereinafter referred to as △△”planning■▼●○”)…=•■. According to ▽▲”Plan”◁•□, 2020, the road section of the Guangdong Binhai Tourism Highway will fully launch the construction. By 2025, the composite function of the Binhai Tourism Highway has a comprehensive implementation of the composite function of the tourism and leisure, and fully supports the coast of our province◆▼◇. Economic Be•▲▽△!

Zhongxin▷▷.com Wuhan May 27th (Liang Ting Li Bin) ●▽”14th Five-Year Plan” Prevention and treatment. Hubei Provincial Ecological Environment held a press conference on the 27th, introducing the provinces ecological environment quality•…▲. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Hubei water environment continued to improve. According to the notification◇○◆, in 2020▷▼●□, the main water quality of the main rivers in Hubei Province is excellent◇□○. The provinces 179 provincial-controlled river monitoring and disconnections, the water quality is the section I-III section accounts for 93.9%, class IV accounts for 6.1%, no V and inferior V Section-□◆. Compared with 2019, the I-III section proportion rose 2.

Original title: Jin Penghui, deputy director of the central bank Shanghai Headquarters: The risk of gold control companies in industrial holding should pay attention to the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference…▲★◆, and Jin Penghui, the Shanghai Branch of the Peoples Bank of China, accepted the reporter○□. One of the important starting of financial holding company or has become an important starter to prevent financial risks★◇●. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the deputy director of the Shanghai Bank of China, and Jin Penghui, the Shanghai Branch of the Peoples Bank of China□▪, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter reporter on the third day, this year, the two sessions mainly pay attention to the gold control company. He further explained that the gold control company is mainly divided into two categories, and one is the controlling of financial institutions, and the other is entity industrial holding▽☆-. ☆○”The current situation is not bad☆○…▷, not, there is no problem, basically regulatory••▷. But for the industrial holding this, especially the risks of two types of risks or attention.=△■” Source★=●▽: China Securiti●•◇.

Original title: Guangdong Zhanjiang Hospital medical personnel purchase of vaccine to eat the Changchun Changsheng vaccine products July 22, the medical staff of many hospitals in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, in the process of purchasing the vaccine, eating a medical company salesman or Sales staffs rebate. According to the reporter today (July 22)▷▪▲, the Chinese referee Document Network, the Guangdong Zhanjiang two-level courts from November 2017, in June this year, a total of 5 bribery▲▲, bribery, bribery▪△★, bribery, bribery case, a bribery case 4, 1 bribery case, and 5 cases involved in Changchun Changsheng vaccine products. Among the 5 cases of the cases, 5 people were sentenced to criminal punishment, and 1 person was sentenced to death. In one case, Zhanjiang Wuchuan City CDC, former Director Liang Kangbin was sentenced to accept bribe. the meat industry solutions to plant industrial purification of proteins timescale Pectin manufacturer protein industries canada jobs 180 bloom edible gelatin,