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[how many types of gelatin are there]Original title▷▪★●: must see! The Ministry of Commerce issued the “Retrospect and Prospect of China Domestic Trade Development in 2017” today, the Ministry of Commerce issued the ▪☆△○”2017 China Domestic Trade Development Retrospective and Outlook”▲▪, focusing on circulation innovation leads consumption upgrade, dry goods full■•▷▲. I want to know how my country has developed in China last year? Business Micro News This will take you to see a picture pb leiner usa corp hydrolyzed collagen peptides from bovine hide○★◆ protein supplement industry statistics! Source▪●: Commercial Market Operation and Consumption Promotion Division Editor: Huo is gelatin count as intake!

Original title: The State Administration of History□▷◆, amendments to the “Pediatrics” by Pediatrics, children under 3 years old, will disable the Beijing News News (Reporter Xu Wen) has been widely questioned □○■”pediatric gods” Mode will be banned from children under 3 years●…=•. The State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement today (March 9), requiring various pharmaceutical enterprises to revise the multi-Mud manual. The new manual has been used for children under 3 years old for children under 3 years old, and children and adults are not more than 60 days▪★▼○. In January of this year, the Master of Pharmacy in the Association Medical College issued a statement on Pidomode.冀 连 梅 称, multiple databases and literature retrieval results show that the clinical efficacy and safety of Presmerde are unclear, and there is abuse. Another media pointed out that Mo.

Original title▲▷●: How do national supervisors set up? Today, the 13th National Peoples Congress will listen to Li Jianguo, the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, on the draft of the Chinese Peoples Republic of China. Previously, the third plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the constitutional amendment☆•=. Zheng Shina, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee▪◇◆, said that this partys central government decided an important factor to revise the constitution to deepen The need for monitoring system reform●…, a total of 21 constitutional amendments, 11 are the provisions involving the supervisory committee, and is amended to 11 of the original constitutions, and there is also a national institution▷▼•▪. Increased the section of the Supervision Committee. Zheng Shina said that there is an important task in the reform of the national monitoring system, that ◁○▪•.

On May 1st, Shaanxi Weinan. Wang Xiaoqi◁=••, Director of the Office of the Immigration Development Bureau of Shaoguan County, in KTV entertainment▲•●, suspected that the trivial dispute was playing the waiter in the hall•▲. On the 4th, the bureau confirmed the news•-◇, and the 3rd unit has issued a red head file to avoid his position▷•◆. Responsible Editor: Chen Wei SN2◇▪●△.

Original title: The millennium may not be a habit of habit in Chinese traditional society, behind the funeral culture, is a complete set of rural order, with beliefs, rules■○▪△, punishment, value, education, inheritance ..•…-•. ▲ Image Source▪…◆▷: Visual Chinese Wen Zou Professor Xiamen University Zheng Zhenmong uses a mouth of Putian cavity in Harvard University such as fish, won numerous fans, to cause a Chinese language that Herfos famous Harvard University, actually heard Putian Tong-◇★◆. Zheng teacupted to study family organizations☆▷△◇, folk literature and cultural inheritance, and his academic reports often start with a story when talking about traditional culture. He said in this story, he said several times. Behind the funeral culture is a complete set of rural order a few years ago, Professor Zhengs mother died, he returned to his hometown, suddenly found himself.Pure collagen.