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Pectin manufacturer.[bovine collagen peptides headaches and nausea]Original title★■: Shanghai published a list of serious illegal personnel of food and drugs, these 19 people “blacklist•◆” Source: Shanghai released WeChat blessings Shanghai released August 6th news, in order to protect public dietary drug safety▷==…, increase the serious violation of food drugs According to the key supervision of production and operators and related responsible persons, the Shanghai Food and Training and Food and Drug Administration included 19 people such as Huang Yihuang in the citys food and drugs, the list of serious violations of law and the relevant responsible persons. The serious illegal production and operation of this announcement, most of the health care products stores, online stores, beauty stores, etc. of the unsuccessful, and have not obtained the “Drug Business License”. 1▽▪●★. Huang Yihuang sales fake medicine case, from September 2, 2016, Huang Yihuang did not achieve “drug management licen■▲-●.

Wang Chen resume, Wang Chen, male◁☆, Han nationality, born in 1950, Beijing, in January 1969, January 1969 joined the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences graduate news office news business●▽□▲, graduate, graduate degree, Master of Literature, Advanced Editing. He is currently a member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the vice chairman of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee●▼▼…. 1969 – 1970, Yunjun County•★★, Yanjun County, Yanjun County, Yanjun County, Yanjun County, Yanjun County, 1970-1973, Shaanxi Province, Yunjun County Party Committee, County Committee Office Cadres, 1973- 1974◆◁◁, Shaanxi Province Yanan District Office Cadres☆▲, 1974-1979, Guangming Daily Department of Journalists from 1979 to 1982, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Scienc.

Original title△-: Cai Yingwen said that Taiwans economic growth rate won South Korea by the islands moon. Overseas network August 3, electric Cai Ying, I claims that I have been on the 2nd year, Taiwans economic growth rate continues to improve, “even surpass South Korea.” In this regard◇△, the island netizen frying pot, the message group laminated its “dry words (big words) without extreme◁★•” “self-comfort▪▼”. According to Taiwan media, the leader of Taiwan area, Cai Yingwen, to Yilan City▪▪, Ci Yun Temple on the 3rd, and she claimed that she had continued to advance in the second year of the second year. In the second half of last year, I have been in the first half of this year. 4 seasons, economic The growth rate exceeds 3%, and even surpassing South Korea••◇□, “Taiwans economy is not the end of Asias four small dragons★●.▷-•” Cai Yingwen said that she took office before, Taiwans economic growth rate was only 0.8%. She was even more negative before she worked, but she took office at the end of the year, the economic increa.